ELM's Kapihan and Bar (Kapitolyo)

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It was a weekday when I got invited to have lunch at ELM's Kapihan and Bar in Kapitolyo with my foodie friends. Since it was just a few blocks from my office, I managed to sneak out and had a really good lunch experience here.

With other branches known as ELM's Kapihan & Winery in Old Balara, Quezon City, and ELM's Kapihan & Beer in Novaliches, Quezon City; ELM's Kapihan & Bar has found it's home in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. (It's located at Victoria Plaza 1, Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Just at the side of Ace Hotel & Suites/Ace Water Spa.) It's a compact place yet it can be crowded in the evening because of its lively ambiance and affordable but good dishes and alcoholic beverages. A good spot to chill with friends or workmates after a stressful day or week. 
Let's begin with the dishes that we tried at ELM's:
Nothing beats my favorite, Ripe Mango Shake for all the dishes that we will be having for lunch. Also a good anti-umay for some of the fatty Pinoy dishes that we will have (so you can eat more). 
Chicharon Bulaklak. I have to admit, this is one of the best Chicharon bulaklak I've ever had. There's that crispiness on the outside yet chewy-good and fatty goodness inside. I just felt like, I gotta have more!
Longaniza Nachos. The nachos are quite spicy yet I like that they added some cucumber to it--it gives a refreshing taste to the dish. It's a good contrast between the spiciness and fresh cold feel. Tastes good. The use of longanisa is also a nice twist.
Sizzling Sisig. A delicious bar chow to share with friends while having a nice cold beer, or with rice. This one is also a best seller to our group. It runs out fast. 
Sizzling Bopis. Bopis is made with pork or beef lungs and heart which is also quite spicy. Another good bar chow or as viand to rice. 
Pritong Native Itik. Fried native duck. Really tasty. 
Beef Kare Kare. Best with bagoong and rice. The serving of a single order is quite huge. Can be shared by 3-4 people.
Garlic Longanisa. This style of longanisa is actually new to me. I find it quite dry yet flavorful.
Pritong Hito and Burong Mustasa. A known Kapampangan dish. I skipped the buro because I really haven't learned to appreciate it until now. In spite of trying for quite a while already with the help of my foodie friends. Those who do eat it love this. 
Crispy Pata. Good serving size and juicy meat. 
Beef Pares. Their pares is made with a special type of beef (high-quality). Not the usual pares, yet also good. I think it's safe to say that this is their pares, sosyal version. 
Spicy Tuyo Pasta. Impressively good. 
Mais con Yelo. Available only for summer. A good way to cool down and a good merienda. 
Ube Cheesecake and Quezo De Bola Cheesecake. These are really good. I love the texture and taste. Definitely a must-try! 

Groupie with foodie friends 

The Menu

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