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It was one of our KTG (Kain Tulog Gang) family member's birthday celebration, Chef Karla Reyes, who invited us for an afternoon barbecue party hosted by The Plaza Catering.

If you are looking for a caterer who also provides on the spot grilling and smoking of American barbecue, then I'm recommending The Plaza Catering to you, guys. By the way, they are also the ones who host the 4th of July barbecue parties of the American Embassy for years already. They are great like that! *wink*
Here are the dishes that I was able to try:
Mexican Elote Salad. Something good to start of as an appetizer or as a side dish for the grilled meats.
Coleslaw. Another good appetizer or something that would balance off with the meat dishes later on.
Mac and Cheese. The chef will serve you newly-cooked mac and cheese. What makes it better is that you have more cheese to choose from that you can put on top of it. Cheese on cheese on cheese. Yay!
Roasted Garlic and Cheddar Mashed Potato. I like the flavor. It matches well with the meats. 
Corn on Cob. More corn.
Yellow Rice with Slightly Sauteed and Diced Onions, Red and Green Bell Pepper. Because we, Asians, need rice with our barbecue. 
Norwegian Salmon on Cedar Plank. Tastes fresh and tender. When it comes to eating salmon, I actually prefer raw ones over cooked. But I enjoyed this a lot, too. 
Smoked Beef Rib. The grill master himself, Raymund "Ski Ray" Reyes, prepared these beef ribs. It's great and is even better with Jack Daniel's barbecue sauce which they also serve on the side. 
Schublig, Kielbasa, and Hungarian Sausages. All good. What's your choice?
Mini Cream Cheese Burgers in Buns. Cream cheese burgers, yeah! Fresh off the grill. Yummy!
Beer Can Chicken. These chickens are sitting on beer cans as they are grilled, which keeps them moist with a flavor of beer.
The Plaza Premium Baked Ham. I first tried this during our Christmas Party for The KTG. I was so excited to see this again. It's really good and has been my favorite from The Plaza Catering. 
Creamcheesemore Brownies. This was Karla's experiment and we were the first ones to try after her. The delight of having brownies, cream cheese, and smores--it's delectable. After this party, I've seen more of these brownies in other The Plaza Catering events and these are a hit. 
Rodillas Yema Cake. This was brought one of the guests. Also good.
Fruits in Ice Cream. Using only the best milk ingredients from New Zealand and Australia, and is bursting with real fresh fruit flavor--Fruits in Ice Cream is creamy, healthy, and delicious. 
Swizzle Mobile Bar. Something very refreshing for an outdoor party. They serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic swizzles. 

Finally, The KTG family picture! ^_^

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