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March 25, 2018 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

For my recent post about Rosegal, I shared about things that I like such as Gothic stuff. I decided to buy the vintage dress, along with a makeup brush and swimsuit, all under 30 USD.'s website is easy to navigate and offer a lot of products to choose from. I'm from the Philippines and they are overseas so my order took a while before it arrived. It was worth the wait, though. The products have good quality and are very affordable. 
This Vintage Plaid Pin Up Dress fits me just right. I was worried at first that I might order the wrong size, but it was all good.
This Finishing Highlighter Brush was something that I just decided to add to my cart because it could still fit my budget. It's really cheap so I wasn't expecting a lot from this. I'm surprised that the quality is good. I like it. 
The Plunging Neck Skirted One Pieve Swimsuit was also something that I like a lot. I'm not a fan of bikinis because I don't have that super hot body so these swimsuits are what I prefer. It looks like an asymmetric dress because of its skirt. Perfect for walking along the beach then going straight to the sea. 

You can find more of these at 

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