Five Tips to Keep Your Clothes Clean while Travelling

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If you are a citizen of the world and you spend every last dime on trips across every corner of the planet, then you are probably constantly facing the problem of washing, drying or just simply making your clothes smell good. Don’t worry, I have the right tricks for you to make sure that you can enjoy every second of your travel, no matter how humid and hot the place you are visiting is.

Forget about carrying countless pieces of clothing items just to be able to wear clean clothes every single day of your trip. These five tips will help you to keep your clothes clean and always smell fresh while you are travelling.

Wash your clothes in a bag
This method is quite simple and very efficient when you need a quick way to clean your dirty clothes. All you need is a big ziplock bag, also known as aloksak bags. They come in various sizes and they are water-proofed. Put all your dirty clothes, pour some water and add a few drops of a detergent in the bag. Seal the bag and massage the laundry to make sure that the detergent is spread evenly. Leave the laundry to stay like this for about ten minutes and rinse afterwards.

Universal drain plug
The method which most travellers prefer is to use the sink to wash their clothes. This is why you can buy a universal plug for the drain and fill up the sink with water and hand wash your clothes in it. This is pretty quick and easy way to wash your clothes while you are away from your home. Just don’t forget to bring your travel-size bottle with detergent.

Use laundry bags
Sometimes there is not enough time to wash your clothes and wait for them to dry, especially if you spend only a couple of days at a certain location. This is why I recommend you to bring with you a laundry bag in which you can store your dirty clothes. This way you will separate the stained items from the clean ones and this way your washed clothes will preserve their fresh scent. A good way to prevent the unpleasant odour of the dirty clothes is to put a dryer sheet between the clothing items. This way the bad smell will be much more bearable.

Quick way to dry your clothes
If the place where you are staying in has a terrace or a rooftop with a clothing line on which you can hang your clothes to dry is the best option for a fast and easy way to dry your clothing items. However, sometimes there is no such option or the weather outside does not allow such drying methods. This is why I can suggest you a trick to speed up the drying process. All you need to do is grab a dry towel and lay it on the bed. Put your wet clothes in the towel and roll it. Squeeze gently and this way the towel will absorb most of the moisture and you will be able to hang your clothes to dry.

Avoid doing laundry every day
When you travel you can’t afford the luxury to have an access to crispy clean clothes every day and to be honest there are some clothing items which you can wear more than once. When you are on a trip, feel free to wash your clothes only when they are truly dirty. I can assure you that no one will notice that you wore the same pants two days in a row and you will cut down the number of clothes that you carry around with you.

Article posted by guest writer Alex Farley.

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