F1 Hotel Manila: Home of The KTG Welcomes its New Executive Chef

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The Kain Tulog Gang (The KTG) celebrates their New Year party in their home, F1 Hotel Manila. The gang does here what we do best: kumain and matulog (that's why it's called Kain Tulog Gang...duh!). 

Our celebration begins at F All-Day Dining where we had our lunch buffet along with the rest of the gang. (See related post: F All-Day Dining). F1 Hotel appointed a new executive chef, and we are honored to meet him.
An award-winning chef, emblazoned with his admirable skills and great knowledge in culinary, is F1 Hotel Manila's new executive chef, Angelo Chubby Timban. Chef Angelo earned his magnificent skills from some of the industry's largest names such as Resorts World Manila, Discovery Suites, Shangri-La Boracay, Traders Hotel, and Manila Pavilion. He now leads all of the hotel's kitchen operations, from F All-Day Dining, Canary Lounge, and to all the banquet and social events. Chef Chubby's amazing skills has bagged him awards such as the golden award for Philippine Culinary Cup 2014 and continued to gain honors in National Food Showdown 2014 as Silver Awardee for Chefs War Regional. The also participated in the World Food Expo from 2003 up to 2010. 
Now it's time to try out what the buffet has to offer. Sharing my buffet picks:
The first thing that I noticed was they finally have a sushi bar. This is my favorite section in a buffet aside from the dessert. They also serve salmon and tuna sashimi which were also my favorites. 
The Seafood Laksa is also good, the creaminess and spiciness are just right. 
Another favorite of mine is the Tempura. I lost count on how much I've had.
The cold cuts and cheese station are also something to enjoy. 
As well as the noodles section and have your own DIY noodles.
The Cebu Lechon is a guilty pleasure. 
Now onto the mains section, this Beef Tenderloin in Red Wine Sauce is a steak goodness. I love how it's done, the flavor and tenderness. 
Another meaty goodness is the Pork Pastrami.
Buttered Vegetables for a high-fiber healthy option.
This Grilled Squid Lumot is so good, I had to go back to get another plate of this. This is a favorite pick for me. 
Gochuchang Chicken for those into Korean dishes. 
Beef Ribs Adobo done with a twist. Also good.
When it comes to desserts, they have a wide variety of choices and I just love it. 
That's for our lunch at F All-Day Dining.
Checking in, we were surprised with a heavenly plate of cheese in our room. This is another thing that I love about F1, the surprise snack inside the room. 
I was roommates with Bettina ( in F1's City Suite. For hotel amenities and room details, see post: F1 Hotel Manila: Home of Happy Experiences.
For dinner, we had our KTG celebration in two of their function halls, and the buffet spread was another thing that I love. Of course, this was still managed by Chef Chubby. 
This stuffed beef belly is one of the highlights of the carving station and it is paired with a black forest sauce. I thought it would come sweet so I didn't want to try the sauce at first, but Chef Chubby assured me that he made it savory; and man, it was so good! Another favorite of mine is their Aligue Pasta. Too bad I forgot to take photos of our dinner because I was too busy shooting them live on Facebook.
We also had sponsors for the night, and here they are:
Le Petit Fromagerie sponsored us with a cheese station. Their best seller is the Truffle Cream Cheese Spread, and upon tasting it, I get why it's selling very well. So good! Another star is their Raclette Station; again, I forgot to take pictures, because this time, I was busy shooting the raclette for my Instagram stories (sorry, guys).
Swizzle Mobile Bar provided us with Mojito Swizzle and Pink Lemonade Swizzle (non-alcoholic).
Serenitea for our milk tea refreshments. 
Thanks, guys!
The Mandatory Kain Tulog Gang Family picture to end the night. We've grown so much in a year. It's amazing! So much love to this family. See related post: The Kain Tulog Gang Celebrates Easter at F1 Hotel Manila.
The following day, we had the most important meal of the day at F All-Day Dining and I enjoyed it so much I had a lot of rounds at the buffet. 
Thank you so much, F1 Hotel Manila for always giving us a warm welcome and for your hospitality. 

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