Experiencing AirAsia for the First Time

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I have never flown via AirAsia before. My first time was when I recently went to Iloilo, Philippines for the Dinagyang Festival. Sharing my AirAsia experience here with you, guys. Photo courtesy of Chuckie Dreyfus
Together with my blogger friends, we went to Iloilo City for the Dinagyang Festival. AirAsia was the official airline partner of the said event. For our domestic flight, we rode an Airbus 320. For a low-cost airline, the leg room was good and the seats are comfortable. 
The one that I got into had a headrest (I don't know how to call it. lol) which was very helpful especially if you didn't bring any travel pillow with you.
Next up, my favorite: food! Their in-flight food is called hotmeals (everything is HALAL, by the way.). They had the Santan combo meals which feature different Asian dishes using Santan as one of the core ingredients. Did I mention that these are also really affordable? I find their hotmeals cheaper than other in-flight meals from other airlines. Santan, also known as coconut milk, is a liquid that comes from grated coconut flesh. Santan is used widely in various cooking styles in Southeast Asia because of its rich flavor and undeniable health benefits. What I also liked about their in-flight meals is that they declare the nutrition facts on the packaging of the food, as well as the allergen information (even on the menu).
For my flight from Manila to Iloilo, I tried the Chicken Lasagne. Layers of juicy chicken tomato sauce, cream sauce, pasta and shredded cheese baked to perfection, with vegetables. This is my favorite pick from the ones that I have tried among my Manila-Iloilo roundtrip flight. I love the creaminess and cheesiness of this dish. 
For my Iloilo to Manila flight, I tried the Grilled Salmon Onigiri. Tasty Japanese rice stuffed with grilled salmon. It was really good and sating. 
I also had the Kung Pao Chicken with Rice. A Szechuan-inspired dish which features chicken, dried chili, spicy Kung Pao sauce, capsicums, red onion and cashew nuts. Served with fragrant white rice, this meal promises a riot of flavors.
Feeling guilty with all the rice I had. It was good, though.
Oh, look! I'm seated beside, "The Dreys." This is so cool! Check out Yen Dreyfus' Blog and Chuckie Dreyfus' YouTube Channel for more amazing blogs and vlogs. 
I definitely enjoyed flying with AirAsia. Will definitely fly with them again. Here's a mandatory Iloilo Squad picture. Photo courtesy of Yen Dreyfus. Special thanks to our friends from the Department of Tourism for showing us around and making us experience Iloilo.
AirAsia now flies to Iloilo from Manila 3x daily and from Clark, 3x weekly. 

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