Sunday Mercato at HEAT

June 29, 2017 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Sundays at HEAT feel more festive because of their theme, Sunday Mercato. 

Sunday Mercato is one of the weekend themes of HEAT that gives you a unique experience. (See: Mad for Lobster and Mad for Wagyu). Mercato is an Italian word which means "market." From here, we would expect stalls and different items for sale. Shangrila has met this expectation in a very sophisticated manner. Sharing about our Sunday Mercato experience. 
HEAT has put up vibrant stalls and food carts inside as part of the buffet. They even have "dirty" ice cream aside from the gelato that they normally serve. 
They also have a lot of DIY areas with tons of ingredients to choose from, such as when making your own taco. 
The common faves are still there. The different sections such as the Japanese, Indian, Asian, grilled, carving station, etc. 
Wine buffet, anyone?
Even the dessert section has some DIY to offer.
Outside the buffet area, they have booths which sell different local products. 
Philippine-made bags.
Some home made products. 
Even booze.

These are just some of the products that I was able to capture when roaming around. Feel free to check them out at EDSA Shangrila Hotel. 

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