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Night out with fellow foodies has brought us to having a sumptuous Filipino dinner at Isla Una. 

Located in City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City, Isla Una is a three-story restaurant offering Filipino cuisine. 

I love how the place has a modern and homey feel which is good for chill night outs with friends. 

Sharing about the dishes that we have tried:
Lemonade. I find it very sweet. You can taste the lemon but it had a lot of sugar in it. Could use more water.

Kanin. Plain rice, Fried rice. Bagoong Rice. The plain rice was soft. The garlic rice was typical--your usual Filipino sinangag. The bagoong rice was surprisingly not salty and was just right. You can taste the bagoong but it will not overpower the viand (ulam). 

Prawn Aligue. Prawns cooked in smothering and creamy aligue sauce. Tastes good; soft; creamy and flavorful. The taste of the prawn was distinct. 

Bangus a la Pobre. Pan-fried boneless Milkfish, served with tomato salsa and special vinegar sauce. Nothing too special, typical Filipino fried Milkfish. Cooked just right. 

Crispy Pata. Deep-fried pork leg, crunchy and flavorful on the outside and super moist and tender inside. The skin still lacked its crispiness. Surprisingly not too oily and "nakaka-umay" even if you eat the fats.

Kare-Kare. Original Filipino stew of ox feet, ox shank, tripe, and native vegetables in ground peanut sauce. The bagoong was really salty but fine. The peanut sauce has this hint of sweetness; it was not too thick but it tastes good. The meat and tripe were tender. 

Sizzling Bulalo. Slow oven-baked beef shanks braised in Filipino-style herb-mushroom gravy. This is one of my favorites among the ones served. Tastes good; it has this citrus taste that is quite subtle. Creamy with marrow and smells very enticing even upon serving. Works well with the rice, but I think this can also go better with pasta. 

Yamang Dagat. Prawns, squid and mussels cooked in a flavorful broth of garlic ginger, and coconut milk. It had a mix of seafood that was balanced and none overpowered the other; not even the taste of the coconut milk. Tastes good. 

Lechon Belly. Cebu's famous roasted pic, rolled and stuffed with spices and herbs served with chicken liver sauce. The skin was crunchy that you could hear every bite. Tender and good. 

Pansit Canton Guisado. Stir-fried noodles with mixed seafood and vegetables. It has a lot of ingredients, tastes good and not oily. The noodles were cooked al dente and is flavorful even without calamansi. 

Yema Palitaw. Sticky rice cake coated with coconut with yema filling.

Mandatory groupie with co-foodies. Thank you, Aldous for the invite (Aldous Ate the World). 

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