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Working in Manila could be very stressful especially due to the traffic problem that we have been experiencing lately. It's about time that we unwind with our friends and pass the time at a good bar on a weekend. Last week, we decided to try Rue Bourbon (Salcedo Branch). 
Located at the Ground Floor of Aguirre Building, 108 H.V. Dela Costa corner Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City; Rue Bourbon is known for their draft beer collection.

The interiors give you a feel of those Western pubs, mixed with modern architecture. Just right to set your mood for a good amount of beer. We arrived at the place early evening, but the place gets really crowded at night. I find the ceiling too low, though. Makes me feel crowded up.

They also play good music which is a plus factor for me. For the early hours they play songs among the billboard top hits, while late in the evening they play great electronic dance music (raver here! hihi).

"The rich culture and history of New Orleans cannot be encapsulated within a single phrase or paragraph. It is meant to be experienced. No amount of anecdotes or paraphrasing can make you truly feel what it is like to be at the heart of Bourbon Street, during the height of its annual Mardi Gras parade. 
This is what we try our best to bring you, here, at Rue Bourbon. The rustic decor, the friendly and welcoming staff, the Southern-inspired cuisine, all are meant to evoke the feeling of walking the streets of New Orleans during Fat Tuesday. We want you to experience the diversity of its culture through our food, the energy of its atmosphere through our music, and the uniqueness of its vibe through our service."  -Rue Bourbon

Service buttons are available on the table but we barely used them, the waiters are always available whenever we need something.

Let's head on with the things that we had:

Calamari N' Fries. Panko breaded squid strips, deep fried until golden brown. Served with spicy aioli dip. It was my first time to try a spicy aioli dip and it actually works well with the calamari. There is also something special about their fries but I can't quite figure it out.

Bourbon Onion Rings. Panko breaded onion rings, deep fried until golden brown and crisp. Served with original BBQ sauce and chili remoulade. Indulging appetizer, I must say. Love their onion rings. I prefer the BBQ sauce over the chili remoulade.

Sisig Nachos. Crisp colorful tortilla chips, topped with sauteed pork sisig and red onions. This restaurant might be American, but I'm pretty sure that the sisig nachos will definitely capture the hearts of Filipinos. The texture of the sisig is like of a shredded pork and complements the nachos well. 

Bacon and Beef Potatoes. Crisp potato wedges, drizzled with cheese sauce, topped with home made chili con carne and bacon bits. For an appetizer, this dish is quite heavy. A great beer match (pulutan) for me.


 Four Cheese Pizza. Thin crust and comes with chili verde and habanero sauce.  Also good.


Rockefeller Oysters. Their version of Rockefeller oysters are topped with cheese and bacon. Very indulging. I love it.


Beef Marinara Dip. Marinara based with flavored beef, topped with oregano mayo sauce and chifonade basil. Served with toasted sour bread. I think I would also love this dip with rice. The flavored beef is good.

Pizza Dip. Based of cheese with pomodoro sauce, topped with cheese, ground beef and pepperoni. Oven to perfection. Served with toasted sour bread. For a pizza dip, I was expecting the taste of mozarella, but this one is different. It did not meet my expectations for a pizza but it is still good.

Spinach Dip. Cheesy sauteed spinach. Served with toasted sour bread. I love the cheesy spinach taste and would recommend this for a healthy pick.


Wings Platter. The wings platter comes with three different wings: Buffalo Wings - breaded deep fried chicken wings tossed with their very own, spicy buffalo sauce; Bourbon Wings - breaded deep fried chicken wings tossed with their very own, sweet and spicy bourbon sauce; Asian Wings - breaded deep fried chicken wings tossed with their very own, sweet chili cilantro sauce. Served with blue cheese dip and vegetable sticks. All three are really spicy, but my favorite are the Asian wings. I'm not fond of spicy dishes but I just can't get enough of its delicious sweetness yet spicy aftertaste.


Angel Hair Pasta. Garlic olive oil based with sauteed mussels and shrimp, tossed with angel hair pasta. The texture of the pasta works well with the seafood. Quite salty for me, though. 

Seafood Lasagna. Home made seafood lasagna with special mint tea sauce. Soft and tasty. The ingredients complement each other well. Not too cheesy nor too much taste of seafood. 

Juicy Ribs

Double Juicy Ribs. Served with java rice, buttered corn and potato fries. Oven heated, not grilled, in order to retain its tenderness. The ribs come with toppings which surprisingly works well with the meat. (See below)

Baby Back Ribs

Half Slab Baby Back Ribs.  Served with java rice, buttered corn and potato fries. Also oven heated, not grilled, in order to retain its tenderness. The ribs come with toppings which surprisingly works well with the meat. (See below)

Choose Your Topping: Spiced Garlic (new), Chocolate, Caramel, Chicharon, Sriracha, Pesto, Chimichuri, Cajun Parmesan. My favorite is the caramel topping. Looks weird to match with the ribs but I find it really good.


Shrimp Po'Boy. A New Orleans style of French roll. A well-balanced sandwich good for those on the go.


House Blend Iced Tea. Non-alcoholic and a perfect drink for all the dishes that we had.

Flavored Beer. Don't worry, they are served in a glass or that big ass. We just had them in shots since we were to try them all. 
  • Caramel - Rue Bourbon's best seller. Sweet beer is delicious!
  • Roasted Hazelnut - tastes like hazelnut, also as good as the caramel beer
  • Apple - also tastes like apple but it isn't new to me
  • Cucumber - smells and tastes like cucumber. Though I prefer it better as a room fragrance rather than as a flavored beer.
  • Lychee - subtle taste for me

The Big Ass Caramel Beer. Yes, it really is called Big Ass...and in case you are wondering how huge it is. 

Rose Flavored Beer. Smooth and good. As much as I love rose tea, I did not expect it to be as good in beer.

Strawberry Craft Beer. Rue Bourbon's newest beer and known as one of the best beers in Asia. The taste of the strawberry is subtle and I still find this bitter, but I was informed that craft beers really taste like that. Still prefer the rose beer over this one.

Beergarita. Tequila, orange liqueur, orange syrup and stout beer. This one is a good ladies' drink, can't taste the bitterness of the beer anymore, which is a thumbs up for me. 

The Philippine Lime. Calamansi and cherry syrup with fresh draft beer. Tastes like a regular and refreshing calamansi juice. Do not be fooled, though. It is still alcoholic.

Alexander the Great. Bourbon whiskey, spiced syrup, fresh lime, honey, ginger ale. The taste of ginger is strong on this one which is not my type. It's just like having salabat (Filipino ginger tea), only alcoholic. 

Orange Lychee Bottled Cocktail. I was not able to get the details of what are included in this cocktail but it is also good.

Cocktail Balls. An edible ball that contains 25% alcohol and turns into an instant cocktail when added with any clear soda, or simple clear concoction. Comes in a variety of flavors: Purple Ball - vodka grapes; Green Ball - tequila lime; Yellow Ball - tequilla lemon. I find these balls really amusing, the cocktail is also good and quite refreshing in spite of being alcoholic.

Crystal Ball. Tennessee whiskey, lemon and honey, fresh draft beer. I find this one creative. Also love the lemon and honey taste.

Group photo with co-blogger friends :) Thank you, Aldous (Blog: Aldous ate the World)! ^_^

Special thanks to the awesome team who served us that night! Great service, very entertaining and accommodating.

The Menu
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Other drinks/cocktails which I was not able to try and feature:

Branches opening soon: Tomas Morato and BF Homes

For more information and reviews, check out their Zomato profile:

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