Brunch at Figaro Coffee

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Recently, I was invited to visit Figaro. It's been a while since I last ate there, so I was excited to try them again.
I went to their Shangri-La Plaza branch, and here are the dishes that I've had:
Starting with the salad, I ordered the Greek Roka Salad. It had the essential ingredients of the roka salad, like sundried tomatoes, candied walnuts, and parmesan cheese. However, the most crucial part, the arugula, was barely there. The greens mainly were lettuce. Unlike the photos in their website's menu, this one did not have shaved parmesan, only grated. Anyway, apart from the technicalities, I still enjoyed their salad. They used fresh greens, and I really liked the vinaigrette.
I also had the Bacon & Mushroom Omelette. This was my favorite pick among all the dishes I ordered. The egg was generously filled with shiitake mushroom and bacon. The shiitake tastes fresh and not too earthy. It also had bell pepper, which balanced the savoriness of the dish. It was also served with two slices of batard bread and a side salad.
For the pasta, I tried their Aglio Olio. I liked how the pasta was cooked al dente. There was a good amount of olive oil and garlic; however, it had more than enough chili flakes. I like it when aglio olio has this kick from the spices used, but this one leaned more on being actually spicy. This was topped with parmesan cheese and served with garlic focaccia bread.
Moving onto their sandwiches, I had their Grilled Chicken Pesto Focaccia. Grilled chicken fillet with bell pepper, pesto spread, and grated cheese. I liked the combination of pesto spread and cheese, but the chicken was dry.
I then ordered a box of pastries. I tried their Chocolate Eclair, Tuna Pie, and Spinach Cream Cheese Pie. My favorite pick was the spinach cream cheese pie. It was also their best seller. The chocolate ganache of the eclair was also good. A friend commented on my Facebook that it was his favorite when I posted about it. The tuna pie was also good; it had a nice, flaky pastry and did not taste like canned tuna.
For the drinks, I tried the Frozen Coffee Cube Latte. It's coffee ice cubes with milk served on the side for you to pour. It was enjoyable, but the downside was waiting for the coffee cubes to melt and mix with the milk.
Next is the Layered Pomegranate and Espresso. They used grenadine syrup for the pomegranate. This coffee tastes sweet and fruity, and I liked it.
Me enjoying brunch at Figaro Shangri-La Plaza branch.
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