Delicious Singaporean Food at Nanyang Philippines

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Nanyang has been around for quite a while now, but it was only until recently that I was able to try their food. I regret that I didn't give it a try at an earlier time as their dishes are delicious. I think I missed out a lot in the past years. 

Nanyang, literally known as the "Southern Ocean," refers to the warm and fertile region of South China, otherwise known as "Southeast Asia." Kopi Tiam came from two Hokkien terms. "Kopi" means "coffee," and "Tiam" means "shop." Combining these two words, "kopi tiam" means "coffee shop," which is deeply rooted in the origins of Southeast Asia. It became famous for serving a variety of simple food offerings such as coffee, tea, kaya, toast, and many more.
I recently visited their branch in Bonifacio High Street, located inside Bread Talk. Sharing with you the dishes that I tried:

Foremost, for the drinks, I tried their Iced Teh Melaka and Yuan Yang. The Iced Teh Melaka tastes quite similar to Thai milk tea, which has a unique texture compared to other milk teas. The Yuan Yang is a mix of tea, coffee, evaporated milk, and sugar. 

I tried their traditional toasts, starting with the Nonya Kaya Traditional Toast. Kaya toast is a traditional Singaporean breakfast meal that consists of toast with butter and kaya (coconut jam). The nonya kaya is usually made with coconut milk and pandan juice, giving it a greenish color, and butter. I like how it is slightly sweet and a little savory at the same time.

Next is the Hainanese Kaya with Honey Traditional Toast. The Hainanese kaya is brown because of the caramelized or brown sugar. This is also good. I couldn't choose between this and the nonya kaya.

The Peanut Butter Traditional Toast gives a more familiar taste to my palate.

Nanyang also offers a thick version of their kaya toasts. Instead of serving the toast as a sandwich, the spread is placed on a thick slice of bread. The Hainanese Kaya with Honey Thick Toast uses the same spread like the one above, but I enjoy the traditional version more.

I would say the same for the Nonya Kaya Thick Toast.

Heading on to the mains, the Homemade Nasi Lemak is rich in flavor, sating, and authentic.

Their Hainanese Chicken Rice is my favorite pick. The rice by itself is so good and flavorful. The chicken is juicy and tasty. The vegetable is fresh, and the dish is well-complemented by the soup and condiments.

I also love their Laksa. It's creamy and spicy. The noodles are cooked al dente. I enjoyed this a lot.

The Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodle is also a must-try. The tender chicken goes well with the noodles. I didn't find the noodles salty enough (which is common among Hainan dishes, though), but the cheese compensates.

For dessert, I had the Mango Sago Pomelo. I just love this a lot. It's refreshing, and the mango has the perfect ripeness and sweetness.
Check out Nanyang's Full Menu: Click Here
Nanyang has different branches in Metro Manila and Baguio City.

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