Fuwa Fuwa's Gold Series

July 22, 2021 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Just when I thought that Fuwa Fuwa already offers one of the best bread in the market and they couldn't get any better, they have just released their Gold series. Crafted with passion from Japanese experts with over 70 years of baking experience, Fuwa Fuwa's Gold Series offers their finest bread. The Gold Series can be bought from different stores Nationwide. Check them out here. (Read: Experience Fluffy Goodness in Every Bite with Fuwa Fuwa)
Here are some of Fuwa Fuwa's Gold Series products that I have tried:
MINI LOAF BUTTER. Rich, buttery taste, delightful aroma and silky texture. I love using this when making dessert. A favorite would be this mini loaf butter topped with mango and whipped cream. 
PREMIUM LOAF. Savor a richer, fuller taste of soft, moist white loaf. This bread is truly one of the best creations that Japanese bakers perfected. Perfect for any sandwich you can think of. 
RAISIN LOAF. Fuwa Fuwa's Premium Loaf is loaded with delicious sweet raisins. It's good as it is. I just drink it with coffee. 

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