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Sandy's Spreads and Dips

September 11, 2020 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

 Recently, I have discovered these delectable spreads of Sandy’s Spreads & Dips from my friends, and these are just so good to be underrated. Their spreads taste better than the commercial ones, at an affordable price point, without compromising quality. This is not a sponsored post. 

Sandy's Spreads and Dips was just made this quarantine period. Its owner, Ms. Yanna Pe Benito, has shown us another one of her talents--making delectable spreads and dips. She is a financial advisor and the owner of the travel agency Aerobridge Tours and Services. Aerobridge offers amazing travel packages that will help you get the most and best experience out of your travel destination. Since leisure travels have been banned due to the pandemic, this incident actually paved its way for the birth of these delicious spreads and dips. She initially just wanted to make homemade peanut butter and kaya jam for her own consumption. They turned out really good so she simply tried to sell them. I think she made a great decision for allowing us to have a taste of these amazing discovery.
Craving for lemon pastry? The Lemon Curd spread will do the trick. Simply put it on any bread or cracker, and you'll instantly have a heavenly treat without being too sweet.
The Kaya Jam is an amazing treat for the Asian palate. This rich and creamy coconut jam is not too sticky and is easy to spread.
Have a gourmet sandwich at home with their Almond Butter, that's quite similar to your favorite peanut butter but fancier and healthier.
Pimiento Cheese is a classic favorite. I love the distinct taste of the sweet pepper. I could simply add this on plain bread at it would taste like I'm having pizza.
They also have other spreads and dips to offer, so do check them out! Their spreads start at 150 pesos and their cute rustic packaging would make these spreads and dips good Christmas gifts for your loved ones, or you can simply enjoy these in your humble home. Masarap, promise!
Check out their Instagram and Facebook Page for more details. 

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