I had a Customized Cake made for Robin's Birthday

September 11, 2020 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Whenever Robin's birthday would come, we would normally have a short vacation somewhere. Because of the pandemic, we couldn't celebrate that way for this year. We didn't have any plans as well for his quarantine birthday because he is busy serving as a medical frontliner. I couldn't let his birthday pass without doing anything special so I decided to surprise him with an amazing cake.
He had work in the morning and they had a small feast for lunch in his workplace. I decided so have a "surprise" cake from Caramia delivered there. He thought that it was already his cake for his special day. He appreciates the simple things so he didn't think that I still have something in store for him when he gets home. He was expecting that his family will just buy Red Ribbon for dinner. 
Robin loves chocolates and a good wine or whisky. I had his birthday cake custom-made by Clara Dolce. I think that they made the perfect birthday cake for him. They were also very helpful in the process--from choosing the cake toppers, flavor, frosting, ganache and such. Robin was definitely surprised and he loved his cake. :)
This is a moist chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache in full buttercream coating, decorated with chocolates, edible gold flakes, and small bottles of Jack Daniel's. The cake topper is customized with "Happy Birthday Robin" in mirrored gold cardstock. I also like the touch of the syringe filled with vodka and some edible gold. They also provided a free cute candle. 
Here's a closer look of the cake. Photos of this cake were shot by Clara Dolce. 

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