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You may relate with me when I say that most of us may have had an experience of spending hours on online shopping and adding things to cart because it was on sale, or that it was relatively cheap but it had good reviews. That's how I discovered Focallure. 
A few months ago, I bought one blush from them to test it out. The blush was on sale, and it had an elegant packaging, which piqued my interest. I was satisfied with the blush, so for Christmas, I decided to buy a gift pack from them which I gave to a friend. The gift pack did not disappoint, so I tried to order some random small things from them that were also on sale. They were all good, so now I would just like to share with you, guys, about this.
This may be helpful especially during this though times where we have to tighten our budget during this pandemic. I want to share this to those looking for cheap makeup that does not sacrifice quality. So if you are into branded and high-end makeup, you can skip reading this blog post. By the way, for those who know that I am also a makeup artist, I do not use these products on my clients. I only had them for personal use. 
Here is a screencap of Focallure's profile on Shopee. They now have more than 150k followers. They also have a Facebook Page, you can check it out by clicking here, which has more than 249k likes. If you are from the Philippines, I would suggest purchasing from this profile, because it is a bit cheaper than on other platforms, and just to be sure that it is not a dupe. If you are reading this from outside of the Philippines, you can shop from their Facebook page.
Focallure is from China, so I'm not sure if they are recognized by the Philippine FDA, but they have a health license, product license, and executive standard number that is indicated on every product they post.
What I will be sharing are all used products that I have tried and tested, so they are not all brand new. Here they are:
Focallure 9 Colors Shimmer Matte Pigment Eyeshadow Palette (#02). With a shelf life of 3 years and is waterproof and smudge-proof, this eyeshadow can go a long way. It has a fine powder and a mix of matte and shimmer shades. I wouldn't say it's highly pigmented, but it's good enough for an everyday look. 
Focallure Black Mascara Waterproof Curling Eyes Makeup and Focallure Easy to Wear Long-Lasting Black Liquid Eyeliner. The mascara was also volumizing and is indeed waterproof. Some mascaras that I have tried before sometimes have fumes which irritate my eyes--this one didn't have that which I really liked. I have very short lashes so I always try to find mascaras that will solve my problem. Focallure did not disappoint. For the liquid eyeliner, I like how it is well-pigmented and it also lasts long. It is also very easy to apply. 
Focallure Single Baked Blush (Coral). Suitable for any skin type, this was my first purchase from them.  It is long-lasting and even took a long while before it ran out. The one in the photo is Coral, which is very light--it has quite an orangy hue in person (image color variation due to lighting) that gives me a subtle sun-kissed look. My favorite shade, though, is Charisma, because I can wear it on different occasions: party look, formal look, or every day look. My extra shade is True Love which is pinkish and I use it when I get bored with my other blushes. 
Focallure Professional Makeup Brush. The brush hair is made of synthetic fiber, though I must say that I'm impressed by this one. It was really cheap (I got it for 53 Php on sale), so I didn't have much expectation. Apparently, it functions quite similarly to my high-end brushes--picks up a good amount of powder, blends well, and feels soft, so this one is a really good deal. 
Here are some selfies that I took while wearing these Focallure products:
For the eyeliner on my lower lash line, I simply used the brown shade from Focallure's eyeshadow palette. 
Here's another selfie where I laid down on my bed to have better lighting. I normally wear eyeglasses, so this is my actual everyday look. 

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