Trying out the Strawberry Champorado and Filipino Breakfast at Le Monet Hotel Baguio

May 26, 2020 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Before the pandemic started, Robin and I were still able to travel and celebrate our anniversary in Baguio City, Philippines. When we talk about Baguio, one of their must-tries is a unique strawberry dish. Recently, we learned about a new trend which is the strawberry champorado. It is available in Le Monet Hotel, located in Camp John Hay. We decided to make a reservation and have our breakfast there. 
The restaurant is simply located in the hotel lobby. Our reservation was at 10am. When we arrived, the breakfast buffet was almost done, so there were fewer people having breakfast. I would recommend going at this time because you can still choose your seat and there isn't any flock of tourists yet. Most tourists come in the afternoon, and there can be a waiting line outside--going early in the morning will save you from all the hassle. We were informed that they start serving ala carte by 10:30am, but they gladly started to take our order. Surprisingly, they were able to serve our orders early. We opted for the Filipino breakfast, and we both chose the pork tocino. 
The Filipino breakfast is served with rice, 2 eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, soup of the day, and brewed coffee or hot chocolate. For the 2 eggs, I had mine cooked in different ways--both were nicely done. The sunny-side-up was runny and I really like it that way. The expected tomatoes and cucumber were replaced by atsara--still a good pair with tocino. I couldn't remember if there was an option to have plain rice instead of garlic, but mine here was plain. The tocino had the right sweetness and tenderness. The soup was also good. Last, I opted for hot chocolate, while Robin had coffee. For the price of 390 Php in a hotel, their serving exceeded my expectations. This is totally worth it. 
Last but not the least, the reason why we visited Le Monet Hotel: The Strawberry Champorado. This is available as an ala carte order, and we noticed that this was also not written on the menu that they gave us. We simply asked the waiter if it was available, and yes it was, for 99 Php. Champorado is a chocolate-flavored rice porridge in the Philippines, usually eaten for breakfast. So, when I first heard about a strawberry champorado, I was quite skeptical if it was good, or was it just hyped? Oh dear, this dish blew me away. It had a thick consistency; it was very creamy, milky-with-a-sweet-strawberry taste. The sweetness of the strawberry flavor was just right; there was also no hint of tartness (as some strawberries may taste a bit sour), it also did not taste artificial. Robin and I were both surprised by how delicious this dish is. Definitely worth trying when you visit Baguio. 
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We paid for all of our orders. 

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