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February 26, 2020 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Have you been feeling a bit off lately? Moody? Stressed? Mercury is in retrograde again and we may all feel worse during these days (you may feel more frustrated, anxious, or impatient, etc.). Recently, I tried a new way to unwind and it's called sound healing. 
Sound healing is a practice that uses vibrations to relax your mind and body. It has been used for centuries already and is believed to relieve ailments, stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. Personally, I find sound healing to be effective for me whenever I am experiencing insomnia. I have a Spotify playlist for sound healing (check out my sound healing Spotify playlist) that helps me fall asleep; but recently, I decided to try and attend a live sound healing session. I must say, the experience was totally different and way better than simply listening to recorded music. 

Mysterium Philippines offers sound healing which is led by Ms. Kaye Tamayao, an intuitive. It feels light to be with her and I feel comfortable being around her presence (by the way, I also found out that she's a yoga instructor). At the start of our sound healing session, she discussed sound healing, essential oils, and the chakras--I learned a lot and felt more enlightened about the different chakras, which I first learned in our Intuitive Awakening class at Mysterium Philippines. 
We were given our essential oil--for this session, we had Frankincense for our crown chakra, then we drew out a card. The card that I got resonated well with me, and maybe the reason why I was actually here for sound healing. 
We lay down on our mats and closed our eyes as Ms. Kaye begins to play music with her singing bowls. As we do this, I thought I was only going to listen to music and fall asleep--I was wrong. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just my imagination, but I did feel the sound waves as it envelopes my body. My spine felt some tingling sensation on my upper back, as I also feel my anxiety being lessened and I start to feel warm and comfortable. 
Worried about falling asleep (and then start snoring)? It's okay. This is a safe space.
After the sound healing, we drew another card and talked about our individual experience. The card that I drew gave me an insight into a certain problem that I had at that time and it made me realize what I should do. When we had our sharing, I realized that each of our experiences is unique. As I shared about the tingling sensation on my spine, Ms. Kaye explained that it may need healing that's why it's reacting to the sound. She was right. I have scoliosis and my upper back has been making me feel uncomfortable at times, and I didn't tell her I had that. One of my classmates saw different colors during the session. Another one experienced the tingling sensation on her suture (surgery stitch). So if you are wondering how it would feel when you attend a sound healing session, I'd say each experience is unique and it's for you to find out. One thing's for sure, we all felt better after the session. I attended this session on a weeknight after I went to work. At the end of the day, I should feel exhausted with everything I did (not to mention I traveled from Pasig to Quezon City for this), but this sound healing session made me feel rejuvenated, lighter, calmer, and happier. 
Ms. Kaye also offered to cleanse our crystals. I didn't expect this to be included, I was so happy my crystals were cleansed with a singing bowl. I was also amazed that she could sense through our crystals--what it likes, etc.
Class picture! Super enjoyed our sound healing session. I would totally love to do this again! 

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