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It's almost Halloween again and I would love to recommend this Escape Room in Baguio, Lockedin. Went here with some vlogger friends and had fun.

Recently, I have watched Escape Room on Netflix and it made me scared and nervous just by watching the contestants in the movie. It reminded me of my experience at Lockedin Baguio because of its "live-action escape room" experience--totally heart-pounding and thrilling. 
Lockedin is located on Nevada Square, Loakan Road, Baguio City. It's the first and only escape room in Baguio City. In this escape room game, players will enter a room with different scenarios coming with a cleverly thought of the story. They will be locked there for a certain reason. Using the clues, and solving the puzzles scattered around the room, the goal of the team is to work together to find a way to escape before the 1 hour expires. 
Each room features a unique story which will reveal the reason why you are locked in it and why you have to escape from it. Use the clues scattered inside, find keys cleverly hidden and break riddles hounding the room to find your way out all within the time limit. We chose the one with the highest difficulty. 
The setup was inspired by James Wan and Leigh Whannell's Saw.
What I liked about their live-action escape room is that it's not just a typical room where you will find clues and try to escape. It has a series of rooms--and from what we chose, there is a killer on the loose! You can either be a hostage or a survivor. 
Look for clues while getting anxious about the killer on the loose! 
The aftermath. Got some scratches and wounds because I was chased by the killer. I totally had fun, though!
We didn't make it. Putting the blame on someone in this photo who sabotaged the whole group by selling us to the killer. Vlogger friends in this photo: Bettina, Mark, Richie, Jeman, and Arc
Lockedin's rates are cheaper than the mainstream escape rooms in Manila but my experience here is definitely way better. 
Our Lockedin trip was organized by our accommodation in Baguio City, Azalea Hotels & Residences.
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