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There's a new place to go for high-quality coffee brews in Bonifacio Global City. Caffe Freddo prides itself in offering a very unique selection of coffee, not found anywhere else in the metro. I was lucky enough to be invited to their media launch and attend their Coffee 101 class as well as try some of their dishes. 

(Photo courtesy of Caffee Freddo).
Strategically located in the busy commercial business district of Bonifacio High Street (ground floor of The Spa building), Caffe Freddo has refreshingly inviting interiors, with its off-white distressed brick walls, ample seating good for 50 people, and columns with hand-painted coffee plants in vibrant hues of green and red. Caffe Freddo is cozy enough for group meet-ups and family dining.
(Scott Tan, owner of Caffe Freddo. Photo courtesy of Caffe Freddo.)
Caffe Freddo was brought to life by the same team behind The Spa Wellness, and with the support of one of the largest fast casual restaurants in the country, BonChon. According to the owner, Scott Tan, "Third wave is very much alive, and as a coffee drinking country, I think the time is ripe to bring in premium coffee that is more than just a caffeine fix. I believe coffee can be something really special." Scott adds, "My philosophy in business has always been... anyone and everyone deserves good food, and that includes beverages, and because I'm a fan of Bluestone Lane in New York City, I've decided to bring their coffee beans to local stores."
Bluestone Lane is an Australian-inspired coffee shop and lifestyle brand that offers premium coffee and healthy brunch meals. The birth of Bluestone Lane Coffee came from Melbourne Australia's coffee culture, where Aussies consider premium coffee to be a way of life. Bluestone Lane is currently expanding with 11 cafes, and 28 coffee shops across the US and one in Canada. Most of its locations are based in New York City.
(Koyo Cosio and his creation, the Kendo Rose. Photo courtesy of Caffe Freddo.)
Caffe Freddo creates a new standard of coffee, which can be enjoyed either as a treat in the middle of the afternoon, or a daily staple to get you through your mornings. A unique blend worth trying is Caffe Freddo's coffee with a kick, called Kendo Rose. It has a double shot of espresso, tonic water, rose syrup, and lemon.
For our coffee 101 session, Kayo Cosio discussed some basics about coffee and emphasized on specialty coffee. We were given a sensory kit which contained dark chocolate, honeycomb, and spices (anise, cinnamon, clove), to help us appreciate what good coffee should be. From what I have learned from Kayo, "Coffee is a fruit, so it should be sweet, not bitter. The sweetness comes in many forms." Under-extracted coffee may taste sour or salty, while over-extracted coffee tastes bitter. The way to be able to get better in distinguishing these flavors in coffee is to taste as much as you can because learning to taste is a skill. I learned a lot from their coffee 101. I hope to find more classes like these in the metro--like the master classes for wine tasting. 
Most coffee shops offer limited milk options. At Caffe Freddo, customers can choose from whole milk, almond milk. coconut milk and oat milk. Caffe Freddo serves third wave coffee and it definitely tastes great. 
Most brunch places serve the usual white rice for their breakfast fare. At Caffe Freddo, you can customize your all-day breakfast bowl, with your choice of white rice, brown rice, or savory oats. Here are the dishes that we tried at Caffe Freddo:
Muesli Bowl. Greek yogurt, oat, and granola muesli. I normally do not like oats, but for this dish, I really enjoyed it. It tastes sweet yet guilt-free because the sweetness came from the fruits, with a hint of sour from the yogurt. It feels light to eat yet actually sating. A great option for a healthy diet. 
Two Eggs Benedict. A choice between house-smoked Canadian bacon and muffin or corned beef hash and muffin. Caffe Freddo's eggs are organic and certified free range. I love how they perfected cooking the eggs--the whites are well-cooked while the yolk is flowing. 
Ube Pancake. Served with muscovado syrup and coconut butter. The pancake is made Japanese-style--thick and fluffy. 
Three Hummus Tartine. Classic, herb and beet hummus on grilled sourdough. I like hummus so I enjoyed this three-hummus tartine. The edible flowers also give a good touch to it. Perfect with a cup of coffee.
Avocado Tartine. Feta, tomatoes, basil on grilled sourdough. I find this as a good alternative to a salad if you want a break from much lettuce. 
Flatbread. Dried figs, burrata, caramelized onion, arugula. I love that they chose burrata as the cheese for this flatbread. It didn't make the flatbread taste savory--it came in light with a mild sweetness from the caramelized onions. Another guilt-free dish. 
Aglio Olio and Pancetta. Virgin olive oil spaghetti with garlic and spiced bacon. Tastes great. This is a favorite for me among the dishes that we tried, as well as the muesli bowl. 
Fried Chicken Confit and Fries. Crispy chicken, cabbage slaw. In spite of being a confit, I like how the chicken is really juicy inside while having a crispy batter. 
Banana Trifle. Dulce de leche Mascarpone and Caramel. A sweet indulgence.
Caffe Freddo also serves different pastries at the counter. I will surely come back to try out more dishes and coffee.

Caffe Freddo class picture.

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