Preso Tea (New Manila)

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There's a new milk tea shop in town that's also known in Taiwan! This #Brew2Order brand has over 400 branches worldwide. Using an espresso machine to extract tea, comes Preso Tea. Their name came from espresso + tea, guys. Get it? Great!

Preso Tea is located on the second floor of Robinson's Magnolia in New Manila, Quezon City. I was recently invited during their media launch to try their products and I'll be sharing my experience here. 
Their teas come in different bases. All teas are only brewed upon ordering--which makes everything prepared fresh. (Compared to other milk tea shops which have pre-brewed stocks ready.) 
We were lucky to try their top 10 drinks. Hope this would help you decide which one to order among their bestsellers:
-Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato with Red Bean. Genmaicha base. Genmaicha is Japanese brown rice green tea mixed with roasted popped brown rice. The taste of the rice is distinct here. Tastes good and full.
-Blueberry Aloe Vera. This is actually red in color (has hibiscus also). Tangy good drink.
-Signature Fruit Tea Fusion. White peach oolong base. Combined with pineapples and passion fruit. Served with apple and orange slices. This is one to-go meal, I would say.
-A-Li Shan Iced Tea. This classic plain tea gives that very clean feeling when you drink it. No guilt (hello health-conscious people) at all.
-Signature Tea Latte with Pearl. Roasted oolong base. I love the strong taste of oolong. I'm surprised that their roasted oolong wasn't too strong. It's light and refreshing,
-PPJ Milk Tea (Pearl, Pudding, Jelly). Royal Earl Grey base. The taste of the tea here is more distinct.
-Matcha Latte with Red Bean and White Pearl.
-QQ Passion Fruit Tea (Green/Black). Has coconut jelly and black pearl.
-White Peach Tea Macchiato. White peach oolong base. Topped with macchiato with cheese foam. Refreshing with a distinct scent and taste of peaches.
-Apple Passion Yakult. Yay! Yakult!
My personal choice was the Pearl Pudding Jelly Milk Tea. I like the strong tea base. The pearls, pudding, and jelly, makes this a sating drink. 
The Menu

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