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Wang Jia Tea House

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Weekend brunch with The KTG has brought us to try out Wang Jia at Home Depot in Ortigas. I love Chinese food so I'm definitely looking forward to trying out their dishes, especially dim sum.

Located at Ortigas Home Depot, Doña Julia Vargas, Ugong, Pasig City, Wang Jia Tea House offers a wide variety of dim sum and some Chinese dishes. Wang Jia Tea House gives that Chinese eatery feel and ambiance--what also I love about this place is that it's air-conditioned, really clean and neat. No need to travel all the way to Binondo when you've got a good one here in Ortigas.
Here are the dishes that we tried:
Siomai. Dense and meaty. It also has shrimp inside. Just the way how I want siomai. 
Siao Lung Pao. We took a while in taking photos so I wasn't able to taste it while it was newly cooked. The wrapper has absorbed the soup already. Contrary to the xiao long baos that we see in popular restaurants, these look like the ones that locals serve in China. Talk about authentic. Mmmm. :) 
Hakaw. There is a generous amount of shrimp inside. It's good. Also one of my favorite type of dim sum. 
Siopao. Comes in two pieces per serving. Available in different types/filling.
Chicken Feet. Yes, they've got chicken feet but I was not able to try this one. 
Beancurd Roll. I'm not a fan of bean curd (tofu) but this was good for me. 
Machang. Lo mai gai or zongzi, the first time that I tried machang was at Tim Ho Wan. To compare, this one has a stickier and more compacted rice. 
Steamed Spareribs. This is good.
Gyoza. Huge sizes and meaty. 
Radish Cake. Their radish cake is good, though, I would say I prefer the radish pastry from Paradise Dynasty.
Fried Wanton. I like the crispiness of the wrapper of the fried wonton. It goes well with sweet and sour sauce or soy sauce with calamansi. 
Jellyfish and Century Egg. I'm a fan of jellyfish and century egg dishes, but I'm always after the century egg. Haha. I wish they'd serve a century egg-only dish, though. 
Beef Ball. I'm surprised to see beef balls in a Chinese restaurant. This is really good that it ran out fast on the table. 
Fried Intestines in Lusoy. Isaw, as we Filipinos would call it. It's tender, though, I don't usually eat intestines. 
Kikiam. I had a lot of this dish before I realized this was kikiam. It's so good and would go well by itself or with the rice. I would recommend this for sharing with your family. 
Shrimp Rice Roll. There are about three shrimps in a roll. You have to be careful when picking up a roll because it breaks easily. 
Salted Egg Fried Chicken. Hooray for salted egg flavor! I like the flavor yet I find it a bit dry. 
Sweet and Sour Pork. My favorite Chinese dish. They did it perfectly. 
Wang Jia Fried Rice. It's hard to decide among the two fried rice that they have to offer. Both are really good and could stand alone--no need for viand. I would recommend the Wang Jia fried rice over the Yangzhou fried rice, though, since this is their signature fried rice. 
Yangzhou Fried Rice. Also known as Yang Chow fried rice, it's good and really heavy to the stomach. Has shrimp, scallions, egg, and meat in it. 

Our KTG family picture. Definitely going back to Wang Jia for my dim sum fix. 


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