Best of Boracay: Manila Pop-Ups

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This recent holiday, The Kain Tulog Gang had our lunch get-together at Hole in the Wall in Makati and we tried out four Manila Pop-Up restaurants from Boracay. Best of Boracay Manila Pop-Ups bring you Boracay's best restaurants. This is in line with Boracay's closure--the restaurant owners brought their staff here to help them out as well as the crowd's favorite dishes from the island. The pop-ups are extending their stay at Hole in the Wall until September 30, 2018.
Here are restaurants and dishes that we have tried:
Piri-Piri Chicken Skin. Crispy-fried chicken skin dressed with Piri-Piri Sauce. I was surprised with how crispy their chicken skin is. It's quite addicting, actually. Especially when you dip them with their other sauces.
Piri-Piri Chicken Board. Served with spice rice, honey-vinaigrette salad, vegetable chips, and milky roll. Their spice rice is cooked with turmeric and other secret spices--healthy and rich in flavor. Even the chips are healthy. Chicken is good and tender. Works well with any of their special sauces. 
Piri-Piri Pork Belly Board. Served with spice rice, honey-vinaigrette salad, vegetable chips, and milky roll. Tender pork, meat and fat. Absolutely sating.
Spicebird Special Sauces. Spicebird has four sauces to offer: the Piri Piri Sauce has moderate heat that's great on everything; Curry-Curry Sauce has a kiss of Japanese curry that will make you go "Oh, Senpai!;" the Hotbird Sauce burns like seeing your ex with someone else; the Garlic and Lime Sauce is for when you like flavor more than you like friends. My favorite pick would be the garlic and lime sauce.

Fat Rice
Crab Fat Wings. Crab fat and sweet palm sugar on crispy wings. This dish is oozing with umami. Tender wings and crab fat glaze--yum!
Cha Ca La Vong. This is their take on the classic from Hanoi-fish slices served with dill, noodles, fish paste, and nuts. A known Vietnamese dish, Fat Rice is the only restaurant known to serve Cha Ca La Vong in the Philippines. It's my first time to try this dish. It's light and also a healthy option. 
Cereal Salt and Pepper Pork. Inspired by Singapore's Cereal Salt and Pepper Prawns comes their version of Pork Spare Ribs in five-spices and a cereal coating. It doesn't look quite enticing for me but the moment I tried it, "whoa! this is so good!"
Their Real Thai Iced Tea is made from scratch and works well with all of the Best of Boracay Manila Pop-Up restaurants.

Yakitori Bowl. For the yakitori bowl, you may choose three yakitori sticks for your bowl, with Furikake rice, Onsen egg, tempura flakes, nori, and pickles. For the sticks, you may choose between the following: chicken thigh, chicken breast, chicken wing, chicken balls, chicken skin, pork belly, pork neck, tofu, and eggplant. I love Japanese dishes and the yakitori bowl did not disappoint. The onsen egg was cooked perfectly--mix it with the rice and it's absolutely delectable. The chicken and pork yakitori are also tender and flavorful. 

Coco Mama
Coconut Ice Cream with Mango. What's nice about Coco Mama is that their products are all vegan, non-dairy, lactose-free, gluten-free, and has a low glycemic index. This means even lactose intolerant people and diabetics can actually enjoy the desserts that they offer. And yes, it's definitely a healthy and guilt-free treat that's also delectable. The coconut ice cream with mango has freshly scraped coconut, topped with pinipig, sticky rice from Banawe, and my all-time favorite, ripe Philippine mango. 
Family picture with TheKTG. Too bad the servers already started cleaning the table in this photo. We had a long table full of dishes. *burp*

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