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Went to PizzaExpress for a looloo rendezvous, which also happens to be my first. Enjoyed good food and made new friends here. 

Serving beautiful pizza all over the world, the PizzaExpress family has grown from a single pizzeria in London to more than 500 restaurants across Europe and Asia. What makes their pizza so special is that each one is handcrafted with care, craft, and quality--from order to the oven.
The ambiance of PizzaExpress gives a cozy feel. The place is well-lit and spacious, good for family and friends who want to dine and have a good conversation. PizzaExpress is located on the ground floor of Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Here are the dishes that we had:
Lemonade "PizzaExpress." Lemon juice, lime juice, soda, mint. This drink is unique from the lemonades I've tried. It's carbonated--like sparkling water lemonade.

Baked Dough Balls. PizzaExpress' famous baked dough balls served with garlic butter, pesto Genovese (classic basil pesto) or pesto Rosso (sun-dried tomato pesto). I like how it's served warm and soft. It's light and not too sating, just right for an appetizer. Both pestos are good dips, but I find the garlic butter quite addicting.

Chicken and Apple. Chicken, green apple, walnuts, basil, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, creamy lemon dressing. Fresh greens and taste. I like how the green apple and lemon dressing complement the other ingredients--it gives the salad a refreshing feel when eaten. 

Romana Pizza
Le Rose. Pancetta, chicken, and Calabrese sausage, finished with prosciutto and basil. 13" bigger, crispier crust inspired by pizza from Rome. Comes with mozzarella and tomato sauce. One of my favorite picks (the other one is the Lava). I love the prosciutto. 

Classic Pizza
Margherita. Mozzarella and tomato.  By having Margherita, you'll be able to appreciate how good their pizza is. Not too many toppings but tastes delectable. 
Lava. Burrata mozzarella and basil, torn over a baked pizza topped with olives and cherry tomatoes. This is my other favorite pick. I actually like the idea of burrata on pizza. I personally love pairing burrata and prosciutto so maybe that's why Lava and Le Rose are my faves from PizzaExpress. 

Spaghetti Frutti di Mare. Prawns, clams, mussels, squid, and cherry tomatoes in a spiced Pomodoro sauce. The taste of seafood is distinct in this dish--it overpowers the tomato sauce. I like how the prawns are not too small and are succulent. I also like the squid in this dish. This is my third favorite among the dishes served. 
Penne Pollo Piccante. Spicy marinated chicken, cherry tomatoes, and baby spinach in creamy and spicy sauce. Creamy with a distinct spice. 
Lasagna Classica. Beef bolognese layer with bechamel and parmesan. Truly a classic, just ample beef and cheese. 

Cheesecake. Cream cheese, cream, crumbled biscuit, and fruit coulis.
Chocolate Fudge Cake. PizzaExpress' famous home-baked chocolate cake. Either you like it or you will find it too sweet--depends on your sweet tooth. I like the contrast of temperatures between the warmth of the fudge cake and ice cream. 
Dough Balls with Nutella. Nutella chocolate spread and lots of warm dough balls. A dessert version of the starters. Topped with confectioners' sugar and Nutella for the dip. 

Berry Sensation. The first thing that I noticed is that it has a really sweet aroma. The server said that this is their bestseller among the teas that they serve. In spite of the sweet scent, it's not as sweet as I expected and it's calming. 
Awesome meeting these foodies from the looloo community. Looking forward to more rendezvous with them. 

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