Mad for Lobster at HEAT

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Mad for Lobster Fridays at HEAT, EDSA Shangrila is what makes Fridays extra special. I was recently invited to an awesome Friday dinner buffet at HEAT by one of my co-food bloggers. It was two nights prior my birthday so I also had an awesome surprise from these guys. It was an experience that couldn't get any better: my birthday + buffet + lobsters. 
Healthy Eating Amazing Taste, better known as HEAT, is located inside EDSA Shangrila Hotel, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. They are known for serving an extensive variety of international dishes and their #MadForLobster buffet every Friday. 
Being a well-known hotel, Shangrila does not surprise me with its amazing interiors, but as I enter HEAT during their Mad for Lobster Celebration, I was in awe and surprised as these lobsters welcome me to buffet. Gaaaaahh!! Super got me excited!!
Moving on, I was escorted to our private dining area for food bloggers. They provide aprons and gloves on the table. You know you'd be indulging in a bunch of seafood when you see one. And of course, selfie for the early bird and birthday girl. I captioned this on my facebook as, "Ngiting kakain ng buffet #birthdayweek." Haha
Aside from the usual dishes that they serve at HEAT, I was amazed how every section had lobster as the main ingredient. I tried to make it a course meal as I dine in the buffet so I started out with the soup, the Lobster Bisque. Smooth, creamy, highly-seasoned soup of French origin, based on a strained broth of crustaceans. 
 Next up are some appetizers...
I liked the cold combination of the Lobster Ceviche with Watermelon. 
The Lobster Spring Rolls are also good.
I also enjoyed the savory Lobster and Prawns Thermidor, another French delicacy. Creamy mixture of cooked lobster meat, and stuffed into a rock lobster shell, served with an oven-browned cheese crust. Deliceux! 
Total cuteness! I would like to take home those lobster plushies and I like how they presented their dishes with lobsters decorating every corner. 
There were a bunch of other lobster dishes in HEAT, I think I still missed out a few. But here are the ones I've captured:
Lobster Stew.
Malaysian Lobster and Prawns Red Curry. I didn't bother to try this one because it looked really spicy. Spiny lobster cooked in a mix of chillies, ginger, garlic and fish sauce. That's a lot of spices! Not into spicy dishes but it's a must-try for those who are into it.
Then there's the Lemon Grass Lobster.
Another spicy dish is the Chili Garlic Lobster.
Indian Style Lobster Curry. Oven tandoor lobster, served in seafood gravy.
Lobster Cajun and Coconut. Sweet creamy curry sauce, steamed lobster, marble potatoes and shaved coconut.
The Signature Lobster Ice Cream. Whoa! First time for me to try something like this. Seafood Ice Cream. This is made with lobster bisque with chocolate ice cream.
Drink it up, guys!
We also had a private presentation of HEAT's specialties from their talented chefs. These are well-plated but you can also see them in the buffet. 
Lobster appetizers from the salad bar.
Lobsterita. I love this drink. It's made up of strawberries, mango, mint leaves, honey, and lime juice. Very refreshing.
Lobsterlicious roll and a mix of their grilled lobsters.
A well-plated lobster curry.
A Singaporean Lobster Laksa. This also smellys really good.  
Lobster Sushi Rolls. 
Colorful Lobster Eclair. Cute edible printed lobsters on top.
Lobster Ice Cream plated with macaron.
MY FAVORITE PART OF THE NIGHT! A surprise birthday cake from my co-foodies, with a HEAT birthday song from their awesome staff. I LOVE YOU, GUYS! 
Here's an excerpt of what happened...
And at last, that mandatory groupie! Really cute! What do you think?
Mad for Lobster is available every Friday dinner (6pm-10pm) at HEAT for 2,615 Php nett per person. 
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