Melt Grilled Cheesery

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Calling all cheese lovers, this restaurant serves cheese in all their dishes. From their appetizers to the dessert, they serve it with cheese in ways unimaginable. 

Located at the third floor of Uptown Place Mall, BGC, Melt is a gourmet "grilled cheesery." The first restaurant of its kind in Manila serving a unique variety of the ultimate dream cheese dishes.
I was recently invited to try out Melt together with other foodies. Sharing the dishes that we tried in this post.
Melt's Mac and Cheese Bars. Fried mac and cheese bars served with sour cream dip. These are good and quite addicting for me. The macaroni is inside, mixed with cheese like an awesome filling. These cheese bars are served with honey and sour cream dip, a good way to balance the cheesiness. 
Truffle Cheese Fries. Good and cheesy, truffle taste is subtle. 
Mushroom Truffle Cheese Dip with Parmesan Crisps. Look closely in the photo because the bread is also black. It's a good dip, enjoy it while it is served hot. Also works well with honey.
Creamy Tomato Meat Linguini. Linguini tossed in Melt's bolognese sauce finished in cream topped with cherry tomato confit, garlic confit, rosemary oil, and goat cheese. Using confit in the ingredients and goat cheese makes this dish "feel" elegant. 
Truffle Carbonara. Mushroom truffle cream sauce topped with arugula and aged kesong puti. Complementing flavors. 
Beefy Cheesy Rice. Beef stew on raisin buttered lemon and parsley rice topped with their house blend of melted cheeses, candied walnuts, and cilantro. Totally sating. 
Chili Cheesy Rice. Chili con Carne and Barese sausage rice topped with Melt's house blend of melted cheeses, sauteed cabbage, sour cream, Mexican salsa, and fried cinnamon bananas. Apparently enjoyed the sausage on this dish. 
Tocino Chorizo Risotto. What I noticed here was the poached egg. It goes well with the risotto and cheese. Though, I just couldn't figure out the tocino in this dish. Considering that tocino is my favorite. 
Savoury Grilled Cheese
The Bacon Mac and Grilled Cheesy. Maple glazed bacon and three cheese mac and cheese sandwiched between honey drizzled sourdough. Best paired with Melt's tomato soup or butternut squash.
Chili Con Queso Sandwich. This is a new dish that was not yet written on the menu when we had it. 
Big Buff. Melt's house blend of melted cheese with buffalo and butter coated fried chicken breast, pepperoni, red bell peppers, caramelized onion, smoked paprika, and aioli. The bread in their sandwiches tastes quite like pancakes but with the texture of toast. 
The Chocolate Chip Oreo Cheesecake. Cheesecake, basically. 
Dulce De LeCheese. Topped with ice cream, also sating because of the bread. I could have this for merienda by itself. 

 Mandatory groupie with foodies from Team Aldous and Melt owners. Thanks for the hoodie, Aldous (

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