Halo Dive Resort Anilao (Secret Bay)

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It was during the holidays when my bros (guy friends--yeah, I'm a one-of-the-boys kind of girl), literally kidnapped me and brought me to their favorite secret spot in Anilao to unwind and escape the stressors in Manila. 
A few hours drive away from Manila is The Halo Dive Resort. A perfect haven for divers. They own two resorts in Anilao and my bros brought me to the secret bay. The term secret speaks for itself. 
Yay for a really cute and cozy room. Great ambiance, with cable television, aircon, and hot and cold showers. Also, being here during an off-peak season, we actually had the whole resort to ourselves. 
Quiet, isolated place and a good view of the sea. They know what I need to unwind. Halo Dive Resort isn't called a dive resort if it they don't offer scuba diving lessons, and the like. So, yeah. There you go.
When your bros are really hungry, they do not let you take a good flatlay shot. The resort actually has a buffet, but since we were the only guests, we felt much more at home because all the dishes were served on our table. Also, they asked us what time do we wish to dine (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Awesome!
And ripe mangoes. They spoil me with ripe mangoes! OMG! 
And when they suck at taking pictures. This is the best that I have. 
Did I mention that it has an infinity pool? So cool, right?
Also had the perfect breakfast. Look at that perfectly cooked egg.
The mandatory selfie. Would definitely go back to this place.
P.S. Ron was with us, but he is super antisocial. 

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