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I was invited to try out Sasa by my friend Harvard ( for lunch. We tried a variety of their dishes, from their most recommended as well as new dishes on the menu.  

Located at the basement level of Estancia Mall, Oranbo, Pasig City. Sasa is an Asian Fusion restaurant which is also by Chef Raymar Reyes (See: Sangkap). 

Sharing the dishes that I tried at Sasa:
Green Mango Shake. Since I'm always into ripe mangoes, I thought of trying out green ones for a change. It was slightly sour yet sweet, a good combination for the dishes that we had. I also like that it had pulpy bits in it. 
Roasted Hainanese Chicken. The chicken was tender and I like how it was roasted. The sauce was also good. 
Hainanese Rice. Served with sauces: black soy sauce and chili garlic. The rice itself was good but I also enjoy it well with the sauces--combined with their roasted Hainanese chicken.
Cuapao Pork in Mantao Bun. Soft, tasty cuapao. The soy pork is tender, flavorful and tasty. There is a good amount of lettuce to balance with the pork and add crunch. Good balance with the sauce as well. I think it would also be good if it had an Asado sauce on the side (I was not able to request for one but I think they would allow it) for those who are a fan of sauces with their pao (like me). 
Beef Rendang with Sweet Potato. The sweet potato and beef were both tender. I can taste coconut milk in it but it was really spicy. (Rendang is a spicy meat dish that originated in Indonesia). I recommend this for fans of spicy dishes. 
Singaporean Fish Fillet. Fish fillet is good and tender. Sweet and sour taste served with cuapao.
Mango Sticky Rice. I'm a fan of ripe mangoes but it is my first time to try it with sticky rice and as a dessert. It was good and I enjoyed it; tastes like biko (Filipino rice cake made from sticky rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar) with mangoes.
Fried Pastry with Braised Banana and Pandan Jelly Palm Sugar Sauce. Quite a long name for a dish, not sure if it's the same on the menu since we were the first to try this before they added this on the menu. It's sweet and crispy. It's actually sweetened fried lumpia. 
Wasabi Ice Cream with Nori. Yet another ice cream by Chef Raymar that amazed me (the other one was Sangkap's Bicol Express Ice Cream--now named after Kylie Verzosa). I like the contrast between the spicy after taste of the wasabi and cold creamy texture coming from the ice cream. 

Sasa Asian Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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