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I am not really a fan of eating bagels because I did not know how to enjoy it (yes, there is a way of eating bagels!) until I dined at LES Bagels. Contrary to some Filipino perception, bagels are different from donuts. Bagels are from heavy yeasted wheat dough (they are very crisp on the outside), while donuts are dough products (they tend to be light or cake-like and are usually sweet). The way that they are cooked are also different from each other.

Located at the second floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, LES Bagels (Lower East Side Bagels) opens as early as 8am--even before the mall has opened (just tell the guard that you will dine at LES Bagels and they will allow you to enter the mall). This is their second branch.

LES Bagels offers a variety of bagels, cream cheese, salads, desserts and pastries. 

Bagels: Garlic; Onion; Black Sesame Seed; Whole Wheat Everything; Whole Wheat; Everything; Chocolate; Sesame Seed; Blueberry; Pumpernickel; Black Russian; Plain. I had some difficulty slicing the bagels so you can have them slice it for you. They can also be served toasted, depending on your preference. 

Cream Cheese: Plain; Apple Cinnamon; Sundried Tomato & Basil; Scallions; Jalapeno Cheddar; Herb; Sundried Tomato & Olive; Garlic & Chives; Black Pepper Truffle; Strawberry; Blueberry; Lox (Salmon). Foremost, I tried everything and they are all good. Bagels are best eaten with cream cheese and this is the reason I started to love eating bagel. If you opt a sweet, dessert-effect bagel, I recommend the apple cinnamon. If you want it spicy, the jalapeno cheddar is the best choice. If you want to experience having your bagel the traditional way, have the lox. Their bestseller is the black pepper truffle, while my favorite is the blueberry.

Salad. I was amazed that these are salad. From a distance, I thought that these were dessert. Love the presentation.

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie and Fudge Brownie. Either of the two are both indulging. They also have chunks of chocolate inside which are really good. These brownies are also heavy that you can have a single order for sharing. 

Oatmeal Cookie and Homemade Oreo. Both are good and for some reason, it reminds me of childhood. 

The Menu

Special thanks to my friend, Aldous for inviting me to try LES Bagels.
Check out his blog: Aldous Ate the World! 

For more details, view their Zomato profile:
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