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Big Jap (24 H Apartment Hotel Makati)

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There's this new Japanese restaurant in Makati City which serves unlimited ebi tempura and tonkatsu. They also serve other Japanese dishes a la carte and they are absolutely good! Sharing my Big Jap experience here. 

Located at the ground floor of 24-H Apartment Hotel, P. Ocampo Street, La Paz, Makati City, Big Jap serves unlimited tempura and tonkatsu as well as a bunch of other authentic Japanese dishes (a la carte). Yes, that's right, authentic Japanese dishes!

I love how the interiors are well lit because it gives me good lighting when I take photos of my food. I also love how they decorated the place with Japanese dolls and there is this kimono mounted on the wall; it gives a more homey Japanese feel. Their chef used to work in Japan for years and has mastered Japanese food.

Sharing the dishes that we tried at Big Jap:

Green tea. It has always been my habit to have hot green tea before meals if they have it on the menu. I love how they presented their tea: black teapot on a wooden coaster--reminds me of Zen.

Tonkatsu. Served with teriyaki sauce and wasabi sauce (the mayo-looking one). Depending on how you want to eat it, with teriyaki sauce or wasabi sauce, either way it's really good. The meat is tender with the right amount of breading. Served huge and unlimited, a single serving for me is already sating. 

Tempura. Who does not love tempura? Even my friends who are allergic to tempura would take anti-histamine then indulge themselves to this. They serve this unlimited and I would say that I just can't get enough of this. Yum! 

Scallion Rice. Perfect match for the tonkatsu and tempura. I just find the rice quite loose which makes eating it with chopsticks difficult compared to the rice from other Japanese restaurants. 

Team Sumo. The Team Sumo is a good for four (4) dish. For the sumo platter, you get to choose one from the three groups: (1) Pork--choose from tonkatsu, teriyaki, or teppanyaki; (2) Chicken--choose from katsu, teriyaki, or teppanyaki; and (3) Seafood--kani tempura, katsu sakana furai, or tempura squid teppanyaki. It comes with yakisoba, nikuyasai itame, gohan, and red iced tea. I love how all the meat are tender and the fish was really soft. They aren't dry and are of the right moisture. 

Gyudon (Beef with Shitake Mushroom and Egg). Gyudon is my favorite rice topping when it comes to Japanese dishes. Big Jap's gyudon is good and I commend how the shitake was prepare--perfect. 

Chicken Teriyakidon. I like how the sweetness of their teriyaki is just right.

Sukiyakidon (Beef with Vegetables, Tofu, and Noodles). It's sukiyaki with rice. A very filling meal and tastes good as well.

Butanikudon (Pork with Onion). Tastes good and tender. The onions and the sauce also complement the pork well. 

Oyakudon (Chicken with Onion and Egg). Definitely a high protein meal. I like how it is served juicy and not dry.

Shoyu Ramen. The shoyu soup is good. Noodles are just right. The tamago is a bit overcooked for a ramen. The pork could be better if it were thinly sliced with some nori added as garnish. 

Sumo Sexy. Big Jap calls their list of desserts as Sumo Sexy. 

Banana Surprise. Known as "maruya" for Filipinos, this is actually a Filipino dessert. Made of saba banana then deep fried and sweetened. Their version is topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I love the contrasting temperature of the cold whipped cream and hot maruya. It's really soft and delicious with the right level of sweetness. 

Buco Supreme. This dessert is served hot but is actually indulging. Sweet and creamy macapuno.

Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream. I prefer this among the other desserts because this is the only one served cold and I'm also a fan of coffee. I also like how creamy the ice cream is.

The 24H Hotel

After dining at Big Jap, we had a chance to check out the 24H hotel. The owners call it 24H Hotel because compared to the usual check-in time of 2pm and check-out time of 12nn in other hotels, 24H Hotel allows you to check in for a full 24-hour period.

They have a function room which is good for seminars, parties, and other occasions. They also have a swimming pool and billiards/darts where you could spend some leisure time. Lastly, they have a KTV which you could rent. The KTV room has its own food menu, it's well air-conditioned, has high quality audio and you'd get a really good view of the city. 

Mandatory groupie with Team Aldous! Thanks again, Aldous for the invite. 
Check out his blog, Aldous Ate the World! ^_^

For more details/reviews (including the menu) about Big Jap, visit their Zomato profile:

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