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Ramen Cool (Kapitolyo)

December 10, 2015 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

I always pass by Ramen Cool whenever I am in Kapitolyo since it is located at an intersection close to where I work, but I never tried it before. After a random weekday morning workout at Ace Water Spa, I decided to look for a restaurant which was just walking-distance away from Ace and I ended up trying out Ramen Cool. 

Located at 25 West Capitol Corner East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Ramen Cool is hard to miss since it is placed at an intersection. 

Upon entering, I already liked the restaurant because of its beautiful interiors. What I also love about the interiors of Ramen Cool is that it was well lit--a plus factor for me since I love to take photos of the food I eat. The glass windows also add up to the ambiance and provide good natural lighting from the outside. 

The ambiance of the place gave me an impression that the menu would be quite pricey--just like the mainstream Japanese ramen restaurants that we have today. I came in for a wonderful lunch surprise.

They offer daily lunch sets from 11am to 2pm which differ per day. Decided to try one from the menu and here are the dishes that I have tried (will reveal the lunch sets at the end of this post. Surprise! haha):

Iced Coffee. Coffee, milk, sugar syrup. Served unstirred. First things first, I love the cute stirrer. The sugar syrup is at the bottom of the glass so it's up to you if you want it really sweet or not. I decided to just mix it a bit at the middle to mix the milk and coffee and some of the syrup. It gets really sweet if you mix it all the way.

Tamagoyaki and Kani Salad. The tamago was thinly sliced and sweet in the right amount. I'm a tamago lover, so basically two slices are not enough for me. Too bad that they do not offer this a la carte on the menu. The kani salad had the right freshness and amount of sauce, with roe that was already distributed. 

Gyoza (3pcs). The gyoza was large and the contents were good and cooked well. It was not oily either. 

Pork Shioramen. Shio ramen is basically salt ramen so it is not a surprise if this ramen would taste salty. However, it was just a bit saltier than expected. Solved by adding some hot water, though. The chashu was soft and thinly sliced. The noodle was cooked perfectly. 

Chahan Fried Rice. Well-cooked and was seasoned just right. Not bland nor too tasty. The grains are soft and does not separate easily which makes it easy to eat with chopsticks.

Black Sesame Ice Cream. I ordered this out of curiosity. Basically, the ice cream's texture was like frozen yogurt. I did not seem to distinguish the black sesame. The bottom part of the glass had crushed grahams which adds texture and extra taste to the ice cream. It was like having tiramisu with frozen yogurt. 

Everything except the black sesame ice cream was part of the daily ramen set (Thursday) that I ordered for lunch. 

Decided to include the menu for the daily lunch sets since it was not posted on Zomato: 

The best part of my Ramen Cool experience was that my bill was only 304 Php. 209 Php for the ramen set and 95 Php for the dessert. No service charge. I think that my orders were price-worthy and the dining experience was worth it considering the ambiance and service as well. 

Mandatory selfie. Would definitely go back and try other dishes on their menu.

25 West Capitol Corner East Capitol Drive
Kapitolyo, Pasig City

More reviews and information on their Zomato profile:
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