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It was due to a hype and total curiosity that we decided to dine at Locavore on Sunday noon after church. I had some expectations and I felt enthusiastic about eating here because I have seen Locavore on television as well as on my Instagram feed most of the time. Unfortunately, my experience was disappointing.

Located at Brixton Technology Center, 10 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City, we missed Locavore on our first drive along Brixton Street because of its gray exteriors that didn't catch our eye. This place is known for the twists they do for classic Filipino food. 

The interior design is industrial and when we went there, only the open area was allowed for dining since there was a private party inside. It was raining at that time so it felt cool but the ventilation was not really that good. The restaurant has a good amount of staff who were easy to call whenever you would ask for something. The downside: they served us the wrong dish, twice. 

Here are the things that we ordered:

Fresh Lumpia. Tinapa, kesong puti, tomato ensalada, salted egg, lettuce. I liked how this dish was plated as well as the dip. The dip tastes like yema but with a spicy after taste. The fresh lumpia itself tastes average. 

Kare-Kare Wings. 6 pieces wings, kare kare glaze, buttermilk ranch dressing, singkamas, mangga, bagoong. At first, we thought that there were only 3 pieces when we counted them; the wings were too small and were clumped together so we ended up counting them as one. Does not taste like kare kare to me. 

Roasted Garlic Organic White Rice (3 orders). It's a plus that they are serving organic rice; but there was nothing special about it. Tastes average. 

Steamed Organic Brown Rice. I had to ask the waiter if this was really their "brown" rice.

Their Best Sellers

Sizzling Sinigang. Beef short ribs, sauteed french beans, sampaloc gravy, garlic confit. For a sizzling dish, it tastes good; but to call it sinigang is another thing. Yes this place is known for the twists that they do to Filipino dishes but I no longer find it near sinigang. Too much sitaw and garlic, no kangkong, and the sampaloc gravy needs to be more sour. It tastes salty.

Lechon Oyster Sisig. This one is good though it tastes mostly of lechon and the gravy. The oyster is difficult to notice. 

In terms of the price, ingredients used, and amount of serving, the meals are just not price-worthy. Not to mention the ambiance of the place. We were not able to eat at least half of every dish that we ordered because we did not really enjoy it. We ended up asking the waiter to just pack it for take-out and then we opted to dine at another restaurant in Kapitolyo. 

Mandatory groupie. >_<

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