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It's not my first time to dine at Shawarma Bros since their concept resto at C. Raymundo, Pasig is just near my place. I used to dine there whenever I would crave for lamb meat (they also serve beef and chicken). Started as a food truck, Shawarma Bros just opened their Flagship Restaurant at the BGC Stopover and we just can't miss this.

Located at the 2nd Floor of Bonifacio Stopover Pavillion, 31st corner Rizal Drive, BGC Taguig, comes their new flagship restaurant. The concept of Shawarma Bros is a fusion of fast food and casual dining.

The journey of Shawarma Bros is an amazing one. In 2012, H2004 Ventures Inc. was formed by five Ateneo friends who wanted to undertake a food business together. Four of the five co-owners (Abraham Castro, Gabriel Sobrepena, Joey Reyes and Rammy de Claro) were classmates since Ateneo High School while Paolo Layug was an adopted member of the group when they met in college.

Early in the planning stage, they wanted to franchise a buffalo wings place. However, circumstances sheered them in the direction of creating their own brand with a distinctively unique selling proposition instead--cooking and selling from a Food Truck. Initially, they wanted to sell sandwiches and their target clientele in the Fort area were health enthusiasts, hungry employees and shoppers. After doing market research, however, they felt that sandwiches wouldn't click with Filipinos because Filipinos love rice. They looked at other possible cuisines and decided on something they all loved to eat - shawarmas.

They started selling in a Food Truck after work on a Friday, waking up as early as 4am in the morning to make the sauces and marinading the proteins for their shawarma.

The interior design is modern industrial, having their signature food truck as the kitchen and counter of the restaurant.

The signages posted in different parts of the restaurant also give "bro" vibes which makes this a perfect spot to dine with your "bros" or barkada. 

I also love their wall which has a collage of printed Instagram posts of people who dined at Shawarma Bros. Pretty creative.

The menu and recipes were developed by a very skilled chef. The recipes are Persian but the shawarma that they serve was developed to fit the taste of Filipinos.

Wraps were considered the more popular way to serve shawarma in the Philippines but their strategy focused mainly on rice plates. They wanted to be different, thus having the tagline, "A Different Shawarma Experience." Not to mention that Filipinos are predominantly rice consumers.

At the counter, steps on creating your ultimate bro food are posted. You could choose between a rice plate, burrito bro or wrap; choose chicken, lamb or beef; pick two sauces, garlic yoghurt, chili tomato or cheese; then have additional orders if you have any.

Light on! Time to claim the ultimate bro food. Here are the dishes that we tried:

Lamb Steak Rice Meal, "The Bros' Special" with Keema.  Instead of serving plain rice, they serve Biryani rice. To complement the Persian taste, they added their own version of mango salsa which would appeal to Filipinos. The lamb was cooked just right, with the right tenderness and juiciness. The keema is also good, and I find their keema better than other keemas I have tried.

Lamb Steak Wrap Meal. I opened the wrap to check out how much it has inside. I think that the rice meal has more lamb steak than the wrap meal but it's just as good. 

Chili Tomato, Cheese, Garlic Yoghurt. These are the three sauces to choose from. The chili tomato is not too spicy as how I expected it to be, and is good enough. The garlic yogurt works really well with the dishes (this is my best choice); while the cheese tastes good but it did not seem to work well with the rice meal.

Beef Shawarma Bros - "The Bestseller." The serving is as good as the lamb, depends on your preference. If you are looking for a healthier option, try their Chicken Shawarma Rice plate/wrap.

Mandatory groupie with blogger friends! Thank you Aldous (Blog: Aldous Ate the World) for the invite and Sir Abraham Castro for entertaining us at Shawarma Bros.

Lastly, found my Shawarma Bros Instagram post on their wall! Check out my Instagram: @pdarkstar  :)

For more information about Shawarma Bros, check out their Zomato profile:

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