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Degustacion at XO46 Heritage Bistro

October 13, 2022 Phantasm Darkstar 1 Comment(s)

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming near, and XO46's private dining is a must-try for the upcoming holidays or any special moment with family and friends.

I was recently invited to their Estancia branch in Pasig City. XO46 Heritage Bistro has been one of the country's best Filipino restaurants since 2010. 

We tried their Traditional Filipino Degustación set menu, which is a course meal. This is offered in their private dining room for 1,800 Php/head (minimum 10 pax). I love the luxurious vibe of their private room and the wonderful experience I had with them--the servers speak in full Filipino, and even as a native speaker, I am astounded.
Let's head onto the dishes that we had:

We began with the complimentary puto with crab fat and butter on the side. These fluffy puto come with riddles for us guests to try and solve while waiting for the appetizer to arrive. It's also a nice mood-setter as it teases not just our palates but also our minds for a memorable dining experience. 

For the appetizer, we had the mini okoy, empanaditas, and lumpia chorizo quezo. I honestly like them all, and I couldn't choose my favorite pick. the lumpia is cheesy good, the empanaditas is savory and meaty, and the mini okoy are crispy. It's also made better when dipped with XO46's sukang Ilocos.

We had the suam na mais at alimasag for the soup. It's made with crispy alimasag, corn, and malunggay leaves, and the broth is poured before you. I love the strong taste of crab in this dish, yet it's comforting at the same time.

For our main dishes, we started with the pancit pusit ng Cavite. They used glass noodles for this dish, which is sating. I would say that this is my favorite pick among all the dishes we tried. I love how the briny taste of the noodles with squid ink contrasts with the sweetness of the coconut strips, yet they complement each other really well.

Then we had the 72-hour bagnet with prairie chicharon rice, served with ginataang pinya on the side. The bagnet was crispy, sinfully good, and balanced by the sweet and creamy pineapples. The rice is already good on its own.

For dessert, we had the coco ube. I'm so glad the dessert was cold and creamy since many Filipino desserts are usually warm and rice-based.
We also had a chance to try the new dishes on the menu for the upcoming holidays:

Crispy Pork Binagoongan.

Beef Morcon Classic.

Pompano ala Pobre.

Mandatory group picture with other foodies. We had so much fun at XO46 Heritage Bistro. It was truly XtraOrdinary.

I also took home some of their products, which I'm excited to try.
XO46 Heritage Bistro
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