Perrochiko opens at Uptown Parade BGC

July 06, 2022 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

A new Spanish restaurant had recently opened at Uptown Parade BGC, and I was recently invited to try it along with my foodie friends. 

Located on the ground floor of Bonifacio Uptown Parade, Perrochiko is a perfect vibrant space with a touch of aging, delectable dishes made with the finest ingredients, and a great selection of cocktails and wines, making a casual dine-in easy, unique, experiential, and memorable. 

Perrochiko's story is reminiscent of the chef's childhood memories back in the day when Lolas in Spain served food they typically said, "Tienes Mas Hambre Que un Perro Chikko" or eat like you're hungry. At Perrochiko, you can find a great balance of traditional Spanish culture inspired by modern tropical influences. 
Here are the dishes that we tried:

Cupaos Veganos. These are their vegan pulled "pork" cuapao. I was surprised that these taste like meat and has none of that "veggie meat" feel. It's really tasty and appetizing.

Selection de Charcuteria. This charcuterie board comprises Iberian ham, forest ham, Iberico chorizo, sobrassada, burrata, brie de Meaux, smoked gouda, cheery tomatoes, kalamata olives, red berries sauce, honey, and bread. Good quality of meat and cheese; my favorite combination is ham with burrata and honey.

Croquetas de Escalivada y Queso Ahumado. Roast vegetables and smoke gouda cheese.

Croquetas de Jamon. The classic Spanish ham croquettes. This is my favorite pick among the croquettes served. 

Croquetas de Chorizo. The Classic Spanish chorizo croquettes.

Croquetas de Setas y Trufa. Wild mushroom and black truffle. Aromatic and tasty.

Pintxos were also served; however, I didn't find it on their menu, so I'm still unsure whether they would launch this soon. It was really good, though. I love the one with foie gras. 

Ensalada de Queso de Cabra. Salad made with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, and red onions, with pan-seared goat cheese and strawberry vinaigrette. I like the mild flavors of this salad.

Gambas al Ajillo. Fresh shrimp cooked in extra virgin olive oil with garlic. I thought this dish was going to be spicy because of the chili on top, but I'm glad it wasn't. You have the option to crush the chili if you want it spicy.

Mahi Mahi a la Mantequilla. Fresh Mahi Mahi fillet cooked in calamansi-infused butter. This was unexpectedly my favorite pick. I love the texture of the Mahi Mahi combined with the acidity from the calamansi, and sweetness from the pico de gallo on top. It's delicious.

Salmon Glaseado. Glaze Atlantic salmon with cauliflower puree and toasted peanuts. The cauliflower puree is a wonderful touch to the salmon, which was nicely cooked as it wasn't dry.

Carrilera al Vino con Foie. Slow-cooked Angus beef cheeks with foie and truffle.  This is a must-try. The meat is so tender, and the flavors are fantastic. Not to mention that this dish smells so good, too.

Moving on with the paellas, we bigin with Arroces en Paellera del SeƱorito. Selection of shell-less seafood. Oooh, I love the scallops!

Next is the Paellera Fideua de Marisco. Roast Noodles with seafood. This is my favorite among the paellas served. I love the flavors infused in the fideos. So delectable. 

The Arroces en Paellera Negro is made with squid ink, mussels, shrimp, and calamari.

The Arroces en Paellera de Pollo is a classic paella. Cooked Valenciana-style with chicken and green beans.

For dessert, we had the Chocolate Half Sphere Mousse. It's a three-texture chocolate dish that's fun to eat. You have to crack the outer layer first to enjoy what's inside.

We also had the Tarta de Queso. It's a Spanish-style (burnt basque) cheesecake with red berries sorbet. It's good, although it left us trying to figure out the sorbet because of its color. I love the contrast between the warm, slightly salty cheesecake and the cold, tart sorbet.

We also had cocktails, and I tried their Signature Sangria which was refreshing and good.
G/F, Uptown Parade, 36th st, Corner 9th Ave, Taguig
Facebook: Perrochiko
Instagram: @perrochikoph

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