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Super Healthy Dishes from 24/7 Eats

March 12, 2021 Phantasm Darkstar 4 Comment(s)

As the community quarantine in Manila continues, I searched for more dishes to try at home. A few months ago, I was browsing through GrabFood when I first noticed 24/7 Eats. Back then, it was fairly new and it didn't have many ratings so I skipped it. Recently, I was asked if I could try some dishes by Chef Carlo Miguel. I immediately said yes. His reputation of creating magnificent dishes precedes him, and I have also tried some of his creations when he was still with Foodee Group Concepts and they were all delicious. It turns out, he was behind 24/7 Eats and I was fortunate enough to receive dishes from 24/7 Super Healthy
24/7 Super Healthy offers a selection of excellent meals that will surely hit the spot when you're looking for something healthy and affordable. Their dishes have a wide selection of delicious and nutritious protein sources such as chicken and salmon. 
24/7 Eats is like an online food court that is open for 24 hours. It has sub-brands such as 24/7 Wings, 24/7 Super Healthy, Super Chicken Tenders, Burger Beast, Wok with Yap, Get Baked!, Hummus Express, Rice and Shine, Shawarma Master, Inihaw Atbp, Bubble X, 24/7 Party Trays, Daily Dose Coffee Cafe, and so much more. 
Here are the dishes that I've tried from 24/7 Super Healthy:
Chicken Tapa Bowl (P199). Chicken tapa with pickled red onions, poached egg, grilled eggplant, tomato, and brown rice. For this dish, you can actually choose between brown rice or quinoa and this is one of their best-sellers. The eggplant was really good, it was served ensalada-style. The egg was nicely poached, definitely a healthier way of preparing it, rather than fried. The chicken was tasty and I could taste a hint of citrus, probably calamansi, which makes it quite refreshing to eat. 
Omni™ Luncheon Meat Umami Bowl (P199). Omni pork luncheon meat (vegetarian), with caramelized onions, umami sauce, scrambled egg, and brown rice. This was so good, I could say that this is my favorite pick. So I did a little research and learned more about OMN!PORK. Aside from vegan, it has no added hormones or antibiotics. It's cruelty-free, non-GMO, and Buddhist-friendly. It contains 327% more calcium and 127% more iron than ground pork. And since it is vegan, it's 100% less in saturated fat. It tastes like luncheon meat, but less salty, which I like. I barely noticed it being plant-based. The scrambled egg was cooked in a way that I love. Between them is a generous amount of delicious caramelized onions that go really well with this dish. 
Kung Pao Chicken (P199). Brown rice, stir fry chicken with soy-ginger sauce, nuts, and red chili. If you are craving Chinese food, but want something healthy, then try this dish. I like the sauce that went with it--it was sweet, while the chicken has this nice spiciness. I like the sweet and spicy taste of this dish, while the bell peppers give a hint of freshness, which makes you dig in for more.
Salmon Curry Rice (P299) Curried basmati rice, seared salmon, and cilantro sauce. This dish made me drool while taking pictures. The smell was very enticing. The basmati rice was flavorful, you can actually finish it as it is, but it is made even better with the seared salmon. I love how tender the salmon is, and the cilantro sauce was also very good. I only hope that it is possible to request more cilantro sauce upon ordering. I really love the sauce. I wish there was more. 
I am really happy and satisfied with these dishes that I have tried. The serving size per meal is also very good. If you want a heavy meal that's guilt-free, then 24/7 Super Healthy is definitely a great option. After trying these, I will definitely order more from 24/7 Eats. I am also looking forward to trying out their burgers and sushi bake.
24/7 Super Healthy is available in different branches of 24/7 Eats: Kapitolyo, Makati, Maginhawa, Manila, and Wilson.

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