Trying out Black Scoop Cafe's Swirls #BlackScoopAtHome

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As we enter the phase of the "new normal," people opt to have their meals delivered and they do not only order for themselves, but also for their family. 
Black Scoop Cafe's main goal is to bring the joy of contemporary coffee culture and reinvented swirl creations to the hearts of Filipinos. From the start, they are committed to being the best in that field. Recently, they have released their pints-to-go collection that my family has enjoyed--delectable swirls with unique flavors that will surprise and gratify your palate. 
For only 185 pesos per pint, the pints-to-go collection gives us more reason to share their Black Scoop Swirl goodness with our loved ones. 
We've tried them out and here they are:
Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearls. Milk tea? Yes! How about milk tea ice cream? Super yes! This brings the brown sugar Okinawa to a whole new level. Black Scoop Cafe has been serving milk tea swirls for a few years now, but this is the first time that they introduced them in pints. It's sweet and very creamy. Of course, the tapioca pearls are not forgotten. Pro tip: try adding a scoop of this to an Americano (hot or cold--whichever you prefer). You'll thank me later. ;)
Halo-Halo Surprise. I love the generous taste of ube from this--not to mention that there's also a huge chunk of ube inside. There is a generous amount of toppings, with a lot of halo-halo ingredients present such as rice crispies, nata de coco, beans, langka, and a twist from the traditional Filipino halo-halo--tapioca pearls.  
Black Mascarpone with Graham. The black mascarpone is a favorite among Black Scoop Cafe goers whom I know. It's Black Scoop Cafe's signature item (the ones from other stores in the country are yogurt ice cream). It has activated charcoal which gives texture to the ice cream. The taste is a balance between salty and sweet, which will make you dig in for more. The graham is also a good complement to the black mascarpone. 
All flavors are truly indulging. These are definitely something to enjoy while staying at home. 
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