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Trying out the new 7-Eleven Chef Creations Manam Express Sisig and Kare-Kare

April 13, 2020 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

7-Eleven has recently released a new Chef Creations collaboration with Manam, featuring their best-selling sisig and kare-kare amid the community quarantine. With the ECQ and limited stores open, Robin was lucky enough to find and buy these for me. Yay! Let's try it out. 

First up is the Kare-Kare (90Php). Made with beef strips in savory peanut sauce, served with steamed rice and bagoong on the side. The fluffy steamed rice was topped with parsley flakes with some Manam bagoong on the side. The bagoong was the typical salty bagoong--I don't find anything special about it, and I find the serving too little. It's barely noticeable even in the picture. When I eat kare-kare, I enjoy a good amount of bagoong with my rice, so it's just really too few for me. For the kare-kare itself, the beef was tender (I find that it's also a good choice that they used beef; a good option for those who don't prefer pork). The vegetables were cut in cute sizes--I almost got confused with the eggplant. The sauce was good, it had a creamy taste and texture with a hint of sweetness. The taste of the peanut was there, but it's not as prominent as how I would perceive a very good kare-kare to be. But hey, it's really good for a convenience store meal.
Allergen information: contains alamang (shrimp), egg, nuts, wheat.
Next, is the Sisig (95Php). Made with pork strips in Manam sisig sauce, served with steamed rice. The fluffy steamed rice was topped with chicharon flakes. This dish is quite aromatic--upon opening the oven, I could smell the sisig and the chili. The pork strips were good and tender, yet quite larger than Manam's usual (see below image for comparison). The sauce is good and already infused with calamansi; just don't forget to mix it well. I personally like this more than the kare-kare.
Allergen information: contains chicken, egg, oyster, soy, and wheat
Manam's sisig. Taken at Manam BGC during our reunion with high school friends. Missing Manam's dishes, though, and so much more. Let's all pray that this pandemic would end soon.  
7-Eleven in other Asian countries serve really good Japanese dishes. These Filipino dishes from Manam would be a good contender. Good food for less than 100Php (2 USD). Also good in satisfying your cravings during this quarantine season.  

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