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Photo credits: Ice is Black

And yet, what was thought to have melted was still frozen. This time, shattered. Ice crushed. Complete darkness. Freezing wind, piercing through the soul. The screams of torment from the past is still here to last.

A vengeful spirit you have cast away has returned; only stronger and more fierce. Like an invulnerable Shtriga feeding off the life of your young soul, leaving you ill and rotten. What's lost can never be found nor regained. You had everything to lose but nothing to gain. Anywhere you go there's just more pain.

Darkness under the New Moon with nothing to illuminate your path. Lost in the forest of torment, where you hear again the illusions you believed in. The steed you see, thou shall not trust, for it is easily broken by lust.

You walk deeper and found a river; filled with blood but you didn't shiver. Hell was something you are so used to. You no longer expect anyone to find you. 

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