25 Seeds and Cafe Fleur (Pampanga)

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The Pampanga weekend vacation of The KTG (we stayed at Best Western Bendix Hotel) has led us to have a feast in Chef Sau del Rosario's 25 Seeds restaurant where he launched his new "samsaman" package on his menu. Afterward, we had more dessert and coffee in Cafe Fleur.  

25 Seeds is located on the second floor of the Dycaico Ancestral House, Barangay Sto. Rosario, Angeles, Pampanga. The Dycaico Ancestral Home which was abandoned for 50 years was restored and turned into this restaurant. The interiors are elegant with modern interiors, yet it still gives off that vintage feel coming from capiz windows, hardwood floor, and home design.
The Kapampangan version of the boodle fight, the Samsaman, is what's new on the menu of 25 Seeds. Chef Sau del Rosario introduced the Samsaman which is his take on the boodle fight--featuring Filipino dishes, prepared Kapampangan style. I was obviously excited to try the dishes from the culinary capital of the Philippines.   
Just look at that wonderful spread with lechon in the middle. It's the perfect feast to be enjoyed with family and friends in one of 25 Seeds' private dining rooms. It also has a good balance of meats, seafood, vegetables, and dessert. The dishes served can be customized depending on your preference (e.g. tinola for the soup than bulalo). For only 1,250 Php per person (minimum of eight pax), you are sure to enjoy this private feast with people close to your heart. 

Sharing some dish highlights:
Beef Bulalo. I just love Chef Sau's beef bulalo. Tender beef with bone marrow (yeah, I won the bone marrow, guys!), and the soup is a mix of the beefy taste with the sweetness coming from the corn. Sarap!
Rellenong Bangus. Grilled and juicy inside. My favorite part is the belly. Mmmmm...
Ensalada. Sour mangoes, salted egg, tomatoes, and red onions. A good pair with the bangus and rice. 
Pork Sisig. This one's a blockbuster hit (as we call it)! One of the best sisig I've tried. 
Pinakbet. Squash and eggplant is the key. A good and guilt-free dish to balance the meats. Best with rice also. 
Buro. Made with fermented rice, this dish is loved by Kapampangans. I still have to learn how to appreciate this one, though. 
Okra, eggplant, and ampalaya. Best paired with the buro.
Paco Salad. A good and colorful appetizer before digging in the mains especially the meats. 
Steamed Shrimps. Succulent, cooked just right. Delectable.
Pork Tocino. Oh yes, a favorite of mine. Yum!
Leche Flan. I thought it was creme brulee at first when I saw it. It's indulging. 

Cafe Fleur
Downstairs of 25 Seeds is Cafe Fleur where we decided to have coffee after a sumptuous meal. 
It's a small cafe with a homey vibe. Since we came here during the "ber" month, the place is now decorated with Christmas decors. They even have the bibingka cheesecake which made me curious that I tried it out. It was good. Also the first time I saw a cheesecake that's bibingka flavor. Very Christmas feels. 

The KTG family picture at 25 Seeds with Chef Sau del Rosario
For 25 Seeds and Cafe Fleur inquiries and reservations, call (+63) 905-257-7149.

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