Filipino Culinary Pride at Diamond Hotel

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Feast on authentic Filipino culinary masterpieces served with unexpected twists and new interpretations by homegrown kitchen superstars Chef Sau del Rosario and Chef Miko Aspiras in a grand celebration at Diamond Hotel Philippines.

Together with foodie friends, we went on the first day for the dinner buffet at Corniche. In spite of the heavy rainfall and flooded streets of Manila, I would say that getting here was definitely worth it. I love the dishes, there's good company with The KTG, and even the chefs are fun to be with.
Starring at the food festival are carefully curated dishes by a Filipino celebrity chef who has brought pride and honor to the country for all his accomplishments throughout the years. Appreciating the diversity of Filipino cuisine, Chef Sau del Rosario invested his talent in culinary arts, creating innovative dishes rooted in Filipino food culture. While the young, award-winning Chef Miko Aspiras is taking the dessert buffet spread to a new level of experience.
Here are the dishes that were there on the first day for the Filipino Culinary Pride (dishes from other cuisines at Corniche are still available but I will not be covering in this post):
I started with the Chicken Galantina Roulade which is just like an embutido. It's good. 
Prawn Ceviche and Rainbow Ceviche. Both are spicy and good. Kinilaw.
Tamales Pampagueña. It's the first time I had tamales and I don't really know what the Pampangueña version is made of--but I enjoyed it, especially with the salted egg.  
Maya-Maya Mayonesa.
Sinigang Flan. Something new. Instead of the conventional sinigang, the sinigang soup is made of jelly. It has shrimp and mussels inside. 
Green Mango Salad with Citrus Patis Vinaigrette, Arugula with Citrus Watermelon and Balsamic Jus, Paku with Kesong Puti and Spiced Vinegar. Salads, Filipino style.
A seafood spread is also included where you can make a request to the chefs to cook for you. The highlight here is the Oyster Ceviche prepared by Chef Sau.
Lugaw. It's good, and you add the toppings DIY.
Guava Soup with Pork Ribs. I got excited when I saw this because I love sinigang sa bayabas (guava). The guava soup did not disappoint--I love it.
Duck Adobo. Also good.
Crispy Pork Kare-Kare Macadamia. I would say this is the best kare-kare that I had. The first one who tried this at the buffet was Spanky and he really loved it that he had a lot of rice with it. The moment I had it, I was like, "Whoa! Sobrang Sarap!" No need for bagoong. The sauce itself is already addicting.
Luzon Buru, Visayas Chili Mango, Mindanao Malagos Chevre and Cocoa. Chef Sau created three types of pork bellies, representing the Philippines' three island groups, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
Salmon Salt Crusted with Calamansi and Coconut. It was not too salty--just right. I like the calamansi and coconut combination.
Ox Tounge with Mushrooms. This would be my Top 2 dish for the night, with the kare-kare being the first. I like the ox tongue so much--it's really tender, it melts in your mouth. Tastes really good, too. 
Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Rebosado. If you love having ebi tempura, then imagine it in salted egg flavor. So. Much. Better. Yum!
Boneless Chicken Inasal. Roast Chicken.
Bringhe. Paella made with glutinous rice.
Sisig Paella. I never thought of sisig paella. Such a great idea! 
Dayap. Key lime. Coconut mousse with dayap curd dipped in praline cocos. I like how Chef Miko curated his dessert selections for the buffet. It's not the usual bite-sized or small slices that we usually see in buffets. 
Mangga. Mango mousse with passion fruit and mango sauce insert, mango coulis dipped in gourmet glaze. The outer shell is white chocolate. I like the mix of flavors, from the sweetness of the outer part to the sour passion fruit in the center. 
Mansanas. Dulcey-cinnamon and Grandsmith apple compote dipped in red glaze with chocolate leaf and twigs. I would say that I like everything that was in the dessert section.
Grape choux. Delectable.
Keso de Bola Macaron. Yay for keso de bola flavor!
Cherry. Layers of Chocolate sponge, cherry mousse and cherry chantilly. Black forest. 
Mandarin Cheesecake. Topped with edible gold. 
Zero Waste Ice Cream. A conscious effort to reduce, reuse and repurpose ingredients towards a gastronomic future. This is one legit zero waste ice cream. The ingredients change every day, depending on the leftovers from breakfast. It could be from the excess fruit ingredients to the leftover croissant in the morning. 
Diamond Hotel Ensaymada served with Flambéed Morada and Rosella. Not your ordinary ensaymada. There's a contrast of temperatures from the ensaymada to the flambéed Morada, and ice cream.  This is a must-try and to be shared with friends. The serving is huge.

Mandatory family picture!

Guests with a minimum spend of Php5,000 at the Corniche lunch or dinner buffet will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a 2-night stay in Baguio. Plus, spend a minimum of Php20,000 and get a complimentary overnight stay in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for two.

For reservations, call 528-3000 at loc. 1121. You may also visit www.onlineshopping.diamondhotel.com to purchase vouchers for the food festival.

Diamond Hotel Philippines is located at Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila. For inquiries, please call (632) 528-3000 or email guestservices@diamondhotel.com. For more information on Diamond Hotel Philippines, please visit www.diamondhotel.com. For hotel updates and special offerings, follow the hotel on Facebook, YouTube and Google+ at Diamond Hotel Philippines, and Instagram and Twitter at DiamondHotelPh.

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