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Our first stop before leaving Manila during the #IsdaanRoadTrip with The Kain Tulog Gang (KTG) was at Pamana. (See related post: Isdaan Floating Restaurant).
Located at Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City, Pamana is known for their old-fashioned theme and their classic Filipino dishes. I love the interiors of the place, it has a classy, sophisticated vibe, yet homey at the same time. Pamana is owned by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu of the Happy Concept Group, who is also the daughter of Rod Ongpauco, the owner of Barrio Fiesta, and the man who invented the Crispy Pata.

Sharing the dishes that we had:

We had the Pamana Set Menu D which consists of group meals from appetizers to dessert, rice and iced tea, good for 10 pax, for 7,000 pesos. But of course, I had to order my favorite drink, the ripe mango shake. Philippine ripe mangoes are the best for me (I've tried some from other countries and I didn't enjoy it), and Pamana serves them fresh. 
Okoy Bites. Honestly, I am not a fan of okoy until I tried this. I don't like the sharp feeling from the hibe shrimp when I eat one. This dish, however, is really crispy. I loved it! It didn't have that sharp feeling coming from the shrimp. I also liked the vinegar sauce which was just-right spicy with subtle sweetness. 
Crispy Adobong Pusit Calamares. A Pamana Innovation. I'm not sure if this was the complete serving. It was so good that we kept on taking bites from this dish while we were still shooting it. Really good!
Crispy Pata ni Rod. Invented by Rod Ongpauco in the 1960s, this dish is a national treasure, and the best place to have it is in a restaurant owned by the family of the inventor. Yum! (See also:  Isdaan Floating Restaurant). This crispy pata is served either the original way, boneless, or spicy.
Pancit Malabon. This is a classic. Tastes good with or without the calamansi. 
Sizzling Tadyang ng Baka Maanghang. with Bone Marrow Gravy. A guilty pleasure. It's good but you better watch your blood pressure. The bone marrow gravy is quite addicting. Extra rice, please! 
Chicken Binakol. It's like tinola, but instead of using water as the soup for cooking, fresh coconut juice is used, giving it more flavor and a bit of sweetness. 
Barrio Fiesta's Pinakbet. A Barrio Fiesta original, served with shrimp and lechon kawali. You can also have it with either bangus belly or lechon belly. 
Mama Chit Special. Lola Mama Chit's favorite fried dishes combined in one platter. 
Ginumis with Panucha Ice Cream. It's my first time to try ginumis so I didn't know what to expect. Creamy and delectable. I think it would also go well as a Filipino merienda like the halo-halo. 
Aside from these, we also ordered from The Original Hawaiian Bar-B-Que which shared the same space as Pamana in Quezon City.

Pamana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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