Arla: Let in the Goodness!

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The country's first pop-up Arla goodness station finally opens at SM Aura. Arla is the world's largest manufacturer of organic dairy products owned by 12,700 farmers from Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Healthy eating is not a norm among Filipinos merely because most find it expensive and the best-tasting dishes are usually the unhealthy ones. Arla Foods has set out on a mission to change people's perception about clean living. They brought in a special concept that will entice even the pickiest foodies out there.

Located at SM Aura, the Arla Goodness Station will serve a specially curated menu of delicious and nutritious real food dishes with everything made from scratch and all-natural ingredients. I myself am not really a fan of buying organic meals because I find it quite expensive, but Arla changed my perception of that. Not only that their products are affordable, the dishes that they make at the Arla Goodness Station are free from preservatives and refined sugars, with only local meats and produce used, they also help out their local farmers.
The Arla Goodness Station provide set meals which range from 250-350 Php. It features freshly-made soup, a bowl of succulent salad, and a hearty sandwich.
We visited them last December and tried all their set meals. Here they are:
Three Cheese Panini, Roasted Tomato Soup and Greek Salad. The roasted tomato soup is made from locally sourced plump tomatoes roasted for a delicate smokey flavor then pureed to creamy perfection; aromatic vegetables that provide natural fiber while a generous dollop of Arla Cheesy Spread brings a uniquely creamy and tangy kick. Apparently, their cheesy spread is not only good with pasta but also with soup. This is a perfect sweater weather comforter.
The Greek salad has cucumbers for freshness, pickled red onions for tartness and olives, made better with Arla's Apetina Feta.
The indulging three cheese panini is made with Arla's all-natural stretchy Mozzarella, creamy Gouda, and sharp Cheddar, piled between layers of buttery crusty rolls before being grilled to crisp and melty heaven. Definitely indulging.
All Natural PB&J, Brown Rice and Caramelized Mushroom, Garden Salad with Seasonal Fruit. The nuttiness of the brown rice and caramelized sauteed mushroom soup is rich in antioxidants added with Arla's dreamy whipping cream for extra depth and flavor. Okay, it's my first time to try soup with brown rice, but this is really good. Wait, it also has whipped cream! (Whipped cream addict alert! Did they sense that I was going to dine here? I love it!)
The garden salad with seasonal fruit are tossed with crisp garden green and honey vinaigrette, added with Arla Apetina Feta and roasted nuts for a layer of creamy saltiness and crunch in each bite. I love the contrast of flavors of this salad.
A beloved fave of kids and kids at heart is the all-natural PB&J, upgraded with a filling of sweet bananas, crunchy peanut butter, and homemade jam, added with a generous serving of Arla Cheesy Spread for an awesome balance. This sandwich is my fave pick as well as the whole set.
Corned Beef Sandwich, Chili Con Carne, Caprese. A protein-packed bowl of flavorful beef and beans, the chili con carne is generously topped with ooey-gooey sharp Cheddar cheese.
Arla's take on an Italian classic is the Caprese; vine-ripened tomatoes, pesto-infused balsamic cream and Arla Havarti cheese. I like how they variate with caprese by using Havarti than the common Mozarella. This is good as well.
No canned corned beef in their corned beef sandwich. This sandwich uses only real and authentic corned beef made from scratch, paired with Arla's nutty Emmental cheese and some tangy horseradish cream. It's savory good and the taste of their corned beef is definitely better than the canned ones.
The dishes may be served in sets, but the cool thing is, you can actually mix and match your soup, salad, and sandwich. Awesome!

No meal is complete without a good drink. I had their Cocio (product also owned by Arla) Dark Chocolate Milk drink and it was absolutely good. This is new in the market and it was also my first time to try this product. Yum!

Mandatory groupie with co-foodies. We super love Arla. Let in the goodness! By the way, guys, their pop-up station at SM Aura will only be until February 28, 2017. Let's watch out where they will show up next.

...and of course, I brought home a bunch of Arla products. I'll be posting some of my recipes using these favorites soon.

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