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Have you ever had that long break between subjects in your college life and one of your common problems is what to do or where to stay while passing the time? Going home to have a long nap during your break isn't an option because it's far from your school and you wouldn't want to spend most of your time in traffic? Well, if you happened to be near Taft, we just discovered this new chill spot near De La Salle-College of St. Benilde which is perfect for those long breaks.

Located at 976 Don Ysidoro, Malate, Manila, Tambayan 101 just opened this October 2015 which aspires to be your new favorite "Tambayan" in the area. Tambayan 101 occupies the first three floors of the Bonita Residencia Building which is a dormitory-turned-restaurant and movie rooms.

The interiors are of contemporary modern architecture which is designed like a headquarters for chilling with your friends. It is divided into two main areas: located at the first floor is the restaurant; while at the second and third floor are the rooms. At the restaurant, the place has this freedom wall where you could permanently write what ever you want and this would contribute to their interior design. Of course, I didn't miss the chance to write something on it. Plugging my site! Haha

When you enter the restaurant, you would be surprised that there are beds inside and people would greet you, "good morning," at any time of the day. This is because their concept is to give you that all-day breakfast-in-bed experience as you dine or that slumber party feel where you and your friends would just chill and dine on the bed. 

The co-owners of Tambayan 101, Mr. Ron Jeric Chan (upper image) and Mr. Kevin Tan (lower image) welcomes us to Tambayan 101 and further explains about the concept of the place. They informed us that they intentionally made the restaurant area small so that customers would be convinced to take the rooms at the upper floors. (See: The Rooms)

Here are the dishes that we tried at Tambayan 101:

Burger. Comes with fries on the side; they give a good serving for the price. Served in a home made manner which has no artificial flavoring unlike those served in fast food and non-greasy. Tastes just right. 

Pastrami. Also served with fries on the side, pastrami is a meat delicacy usually made from beef, sometimes from pork, mutton or turkey. The raw meat is brined, partially dried, seasoned with herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed. The price is well justified for the amount of serving.

Salami Burger. I barely see restaurants which serve salami. I would say that by this point, they have a variety of sandwiches to offer as you would chill with your friends in Tambayan 101. Also served with fries, I think that for this dish the other ingredients of the sandwich overpowered the salami. 

Clubhouse. Ham, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, served with fries on the side. I find this one well-sating. The ingredients are placed in a generous amount and the ham tastes a little sweetened which is my preference for ham. Tastes good as well.

BLT. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. The BLT has a different sauce compared to the clubhouse. The bacon is of the right tenderness for a sandwich, not under-cooked nor too crisp or burned. Cooked just right and tastes good. (Note: The fries only look few in the photo because of our request since we are starting to get full already and we still have meals to try. They always serve fries in a good amount.)

Chocolate Waffles. 6-pieces of chocolate-flavored waffles served with chocolate dip. This is the waffle-of-choice of my friends and it's absolutely delicious. Talk about choco on choco. Yum!

Strawberry Waffles. 6-piece plain waffles served with strawberry puree and strawberry syrup. This is my waffle-of-choice and I find this as a perfect breakfast meal. The combination of strawberry puree and syrup on the waffle is so delightful. 

Bacon Waffles. 4-piece plain waffles stuffed with real bacon strips inside. Served with maple syrup. Having this is like having pancakes and bacon for breakfast but merged into one bacon-stuffed waffle. The bacon is crisp which is different from the one in the BLT. I recommend this for bacon lovers. 

Sausage Platter. Hungarian sausage served with fries on the side. This heavy-for-the-stomach sausage topped with ground beef is one heavy meal.

Nachos. This is Tambayan 101's best seller.  Topped with cheese, ground beef, tomato, onion, and jalapeƱo, their nachos is the cheapest and most price-worthy that I have even seen. For only 100 Php, these nachos are food for a group of 4-6 persons and is served in a huge plate. I even ordered one for takeout and it consumed three food containers. Amazing!

Buffalo Wings. Deep fried chicken wings, served with fries. Their buffalo wings were not as spicy as I have expected of a buffalo wing. I find this a bit salty as well.

Fries. They serve it in sour cream, barbecue, and cheese flavors. My favorite is the barbecue.

Dips. Tambayan 101 also serves a variety of dips depending on the dish, or as per request.

Onion Rings. I love their onion rings. It is similar to the ones of Burger King.

Iced Tea. They use All My Tea Iced Tea. Served in a huge mason jar.

Iced Latte. This refreshing iced espresso drink with milk is really good. They serve it in a huge mason jar, which in my estimate is about 16 ounces. I just had to feature the small jars from where we tried it because it's really cute!

Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa. It's surprising that for the price, their brand of choice for their hot cocoa is exquisite. This drink is absolute perfection. 

Strawberry Cooler Smoothie. Their strawberry smoothie uses syrup to taste but tastes like having fresh ones. Really good and refreshing. 

The Menu
The Rooms

The second and third floor of the building occupy the rooms of Tambayan 101. The rooms have different themes to choose from which are all for 90 Php per hour per person. All of the rooms are air-conditioned and has its own comfort room with shower. The rooms offer a lot of HD movies to choose from. Perfect to pass the time with your friends. You can also order food from the restaurant area which can be delivered to your room. 

If watching movies is not your preference, they have this PS3 and PS4 room where you could rent either a PS3 or PS4 and play your favorite video games.

Here are a shot of some of the rooms (I was not able to take a shot of the ones which were occupied at that time)

Ice Blu. Chill blue room.

Hukay-Doe. Thankful that these students allowed us to take a picture. 

Space-eeee. These stars on the walls are glow in the dark.

Marley-Bob. I find this room amusing. It has a black light which makes the paint on the walls glow.  

 Marley-Bob. When the lights are turned off, the glow-in-the-dark words on the wall show up.

Broom. Chill. 

HQ. This is my favorite among the rooms. It has a beer pong table with no extra charge. Just pay the hourly rate, order some drinks downstairs and you could play unlimited beer pong with your friends. You could also watch a movie while some are playing.

Fluppy. Cloudy theme.

QTP 2T. This room gives a classy hotel feel.

Tito Erol, one of the major owners of Tambayan 101 gives us a brief description of the rooms. Tambayan 101 being located at the first three floors Bonita Residencia, while the succeeding upper floors are residential. The building is originally a dormitory but they decided to come up with an idea of turning it into a "Tambayan" which came from their college life experiences of having long breaks in between subjects and having the problem of deciding where to pass the time. They also modified the doors into having glass windows to prevent customers from doing anything bad inside.

A bathroom is available for every room, complete with showers with heaters. 

Room Menu

They have twelve rooms as of the moment but more rooms are going to be available soon.

Mandatory groupie with co-bloggers and some of the owners of Tambayan 101. Thank you, guys!

Tambayan 101
976 Don Ysidoro Street, Malate, Manila
+63 02 708 6071

Check out their Zomato profile:
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