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Last week, my friend invited me at 12 Monkeys for her birthday celebration. 12 Monkeys is one of the latest hangout places for OPM bands in the Metro. That night, the bands Giniling Festival, Pulso, and Up Dharma Down were to play on stage. We arrived there at 8:30pm with a table reservation and was charged 300 Php per head for our entrance. I learned that the place gives all that they have collected from the door charges to the bands.

I was curious why the place was called 12 Monkeys and I was told that it is because there are twelve owners of the place and that they called themselves 12 Monkeys. The owners are: Chito Miranda (Parokya ni Edgar); Champ Lui Po (Hale); Jinno Rufino (BTV/Solar Sports); Neil Arce; GP Reyes (71 Gramercy); Neil Paras (Big Bad Wolf); JM Rodriguez (Prive); Keith Haw (Prive); Raymond Magdaluyo (Sumo Sam); Jerico Salonga (Vask); Ivan Zalameda (Beso Cucina Vinoteka); and DJ Tony (Boys Night Out).

We ordered the sisig tribute (sisig pizza) from their Picha Pie and crazy garlic spicy cow to match our drinks. We had lemonade early in the evening and then had bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label, Tequila Rose, and Jack Daniel's. The food wasn't enough for our group so we just ordered another one whenever we would run out of it.

The service on the other hand was bad and biased. It just so happens that we were with a VIP (the crew knows him well) at that time that is why we were well catered. The waiters choose whom they will prioritize and so much for being a "gentleman," I have observed how they will "pour your drink for you" if you are well dressed and then tend to ignore the other ladies on the table. 

The Sisig Tribute (Sisig Pizza). It has pork, quail eggs, mayonnaise and mozzarella. 
I like pizzas well covered. In this case, most parts of the pie are just plain crust, especially the edges. 
It is good, but nothing extraordinary about it.

Crazy Garlic Spicy Cow really looks crazy. Sizzling angus ribeye tips with roasted garlic and chili oil. 
It wasn't that spicy, the taste is just right. The tenderness of the beef is okay but it could have been better--nothing extraordinary as well.

The place has a good sound system and you would appreciate the live bands well. However, when famous local bands are playing for the night, the place becomes too crowded. It was a good thing that we were seated in one of the couches in front but whenever I would look around, the place is crowded with people standing all over the room. I even had a difficulty getting to the washroom from my seat.

Our group picture, grabbed from their facebook page. 
This was taken early in the evening when the place wasn't crowded yet.

They also have a separate smoking area which is a thumbs up for me. I don't like the feeling of inhaling second-hand smoke and going home with my hair and the rest of me smelling like tobacco. Most bars allow smoking indoors but they wouldn't allow you to do that in 12 Monkeys.

If you like live bands then I would recommend this place--but only if you will be seated in one of the tables in front or the middle area. Otherwise, you would have difficulty seeing the band as well as getting the attention of one of the waiters. Most of the people who are standing would just be blocking your view. If you are also a large group who are fond of having group chats, then this is not the place for you. The music is loud and you just wouldn't hear your friends.

Up Dharma Down performing on stage.

12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub
5th Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City

12 Monkeys Facebook Page
12 Monkeys Menu

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