F All Day Dining (F1 Hotel Manila)

As we had our staycation in F1 Hotel during the holy week, we were able to enjoy the luxury buffet of F1 Hotel. Sharing lunch and breakfast experience at F All Day Dining here. 

Naimas: A Taste of Home

I was invited to try out the SM Light Mall Branch of Naimas in Mandaluyong with foodie friends. Sharing my Naimas experience.

BLOG GIVEAWAY: F1 Hotel Gift Certificates

Hi, guys! I have a bunch of gift certificates from F1 Hotel Manila. Will be giving them away fast because it will only be valid until May 31, 2017.

Batibat Indie Film

So I have a recent Indie Film entitled Batibat which was directed by Danni Ugali. I was lucky enough to be one of the characters as well as the makeup artist of all the actors. I'm actually feeling shy to share this trailer but will share anyway because this is still part of my portfolio. LOL